Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Think Piece - Ballistic Missile Scare Hawaii 2018

As probably already know about the recent Ballistic Missile scare we had the other day in Hawai`i and I can honestly say that I was terrified. As soon as I heard the warning on my phone I grabbed all of my things I needed just in case we were to survive such an attack. Some of the things I grabbed was, all of my money, Bryson and I’s medicine, our computer and chargers and two Kimono incase I did survive. I was hysterical and panicking so much that I needed to be called down. I’m just glad that it was a mistake.

I kept thinking to my myself “was it really a mistake”? Could the Civil defense really be so flimsy that there is just one button that sends out a mass text statewide about an imminent bomb threat? I don’t think so and many people seem to share the same sentiment.

I have a few theories about that day that I have looked into and spoke to my fellow colleagues and peers about it my opinions. Please keep in mind that all of these ideas are based on opinion and not fact so please take everything that I’m going to write with a grain of salt.

Actual Bomb
This theory I don’t think is too far fetched. A lot of people who are my age also seem to think that there is just no way that human error caused such a colossal mistake. What supposedly caused the “mistake” was due to a not so practical dropbox type of option for what was supposed to be a test.

Now this is where I don’t think that this was just a mistake. First of all - some people that I know who live in the Makaha area were telling me that during the time the message was sent out, there were many jets flying over the military base in Makua. However to give the benefit of the doubt they do fly a lot of jets in that area anyway. But could it really be a coincidence during the missile threat?

I think initially there was a bomb and that’s what had triggered the warning message to be sent to everyone’s phone. I think the reason why they covered it up is due to mass hysteria. If you think for a second about what if there really was a missile coming our way, would the government really tell us? What would they gain from telling us? Imagine now if everyone knew that there was a threat of a missile coming our direction (which is very possible) how freaked out us people of Hawai`i would be. It would also cause a strain on tourism (which is basically our only economy) and the whole infostructure of Hawai`i would go down the tubes.

Then the following day for NHK Japan to send out a similar warning in the same week and call it human error doesn’t make me think that it is human error. In my opinion and according to a lot of YouTubers  - Japan is in fact ran like a well oiled machine. So for Japan to make such a careless mistake really bathles me. This is a country that has to issue a public apology for a train leaving 20 seconds too early. So you tell me.

Testing the Public
This might start to sound a little bit like fear mongering but would it really not make sense for the government to check how the public would react to a threat of a bomb? I mean now they have so much data on how we would react. From putting their children into storm drains and a guy shooting his dogs the government now knows what is the possibility of scaring the public.

With that kind of information you could easily learn how to instil fear into the people.

Remember what I said in the begging that everything I say is completely based on opinion not fact so please take all of this with a grain of salt.

Do I think the government lies to us? Yeah of course they do and I believe it’s like a parent who has little white lies to keep the people under control. This may sound crazy but imagine if there was solid proof of extraterrestrial life, the government wouldn’t tell us that due to so many factors like religion, fear, etc. This small think piece was just for me to throw some ideas out there. If you have any other ideas let me know in the comments.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Logan Paul is a Terrible Human - Aokigahara Video

Anyone talking about the Logan Paul fiscal is basically beating a dead horse at this point and I understand that pretty much everything that has to be said has been said already. If you don’t know what I am talking about here is a link to the whole debacle.

In this mini piece I would like to cover three crucial details when taking in all of the information about this story. Toxic behavior of the American youth, suicide, and how to behave as a foreigner in other countries.

Inside Edition made this great video breaking down the video I'm talking about. I hope this can shed some inside to what I'm trying to convey.

Toxic Behavior
Let’s begin with the toxic behaviors of the American youth. With the invention of different social media apps such as instagram, vine, musically etc in recent years we have seen the growth of countless underage celebrities. Some getting popular for various positive things such as singing, dancing, art and just all around things that contribute to a more beautiful society. With that in mind we have also seen an increase of  internet personalities known for their idiotic behavior, foul language, and disrespect for society and authority and to top it off being praised for it.

This type of behavior is toxic for many reasons. As a millennial I feel that it is sometimes unfair that we are blamed for the things that our society has deemed the norm for our generation but on the other hand when we have negative personalities such as Logan Paul representing us in a negative light - justified to see why the other generations would view us in any other way.

These internet influencers have a very large following on social media with some having more than 5 million subscribers / followers. Most of their followers being young and impressionable children. Now any normal person with think that when they have a large internet following and reach, as an influencer you would make sure that everything you put out would be showcasing what it’s like to be a person and not a characterization of an adult child. Not to say that every video that people make should be an after school special, but not behaving inappropriately (or specifically in this case how Logan Paul had reacted when seeing a suicide victim in Aokogahara).

Children now, more than ever face glorified bad behavior, sexual promiscuity, and the glorification of drug usage on the internet. If you don’t believe me take a look at the lyrics of any song on the Billboard Hot 100 at any given moment. If this type of behavior continues, I don’t think there will be a good future for the up and coming youth of America.

Depression and Suicide
The only reason why I bring up this point is because of the Logan Paul video. In the video Logan and his friends stumble upon a hanging victim of suicide in the Aokigahara forest and film it. Not only did Logan and his friends film the body, but they made fun of the situation while the entire time Logan is wearing a ridiculous toy story hat. The level of self awareness is 0 and the level of disrespect is truly a mind fuck to think that another human could do such a thing to someone whos life was so bad that they had no other choice but to kill themselves. This isn’t a matter of if you  understand the situation or not, it’s a matter of human compassion and empathy for someone who has died. In the video you can also see one of his ‘girl’ friends laughing at the situation. This just boils my blood. This type of behavior is so inexcusable and just for this video his channel should be taken down.  We all know YouTube isn’t going to do anything because during the 10 hours it was up, it was promoted by YouTube on the trending page. How unprofessional. If this was any other content creator their channel would have been terminated due to the agreement you sign when making a YouTube account. This video does in fact violate the terms and conditions but because Logan Paul rakes in money YouTube is not going to put a stop to it.  I am truly disappointed.

The reason I made this point suicide is because as a person who suffers from depression seeing someone make fun of a victim who has chosen to take their own life makes me insane. This person was probably tormented for most of their existence and after their death they are still being made fun of. This just goes to show the lack of empathy this generation has.

How to behave as a foreigner
It is sad to know that people still do not know how to act in foreign countries. A YouTuber by the name “Yuta” said it best. Even if you don’t like it - when you come to another country you kind of act as a diplomat and reflection of your country. With that being said, Japan already has this idea that “Gaijin” (foreigners) behave badly and have little to no respect for culture. When Logan Paul when to Japan he just solidified this idea of Ugly Americans.

From throwing money  for the “bitches” (like he called it) in a sacred place, running around in a bathrobe in Sensouji, harassing workers at Tsukiji, putting an octopus tentacle and fish on na taxi car just goes to show how ugly of an American he is. To call his actions ‘trash’ would be a dishonor to trash. This is really disgusting.

Seeing the way that he treated and talked down to the Japanese people just goes to show how Logan sees the world. This type of behavior should not be tolerated and Japan should have him banned from the country.

In conclusion I am sad to say that I am an American when we have people like Logan Paul representing us in such a negative way. I really hope that this kills his career and he is blackballed for his actions. This is not how Americans let alone people should behave. This internet culture does have its ups and downs but this just takes it to a whole new level of stupidity. Disgust doesn’t even begin to explain how I feel towards this “human”.

Friday, April 21, 2017


Well for no reason we decided to drive to Makaha today, despite my plans to clean my room. With Chun, Micah and my Danna sama we found ourselves at Makua cave. You know the one with the half man half shark god that lives there. (Kaneana)...
Let me remind you, that this was about 7:30pm so it was kinda dark already.
I took this incase we got lost. I never realized how many catacombs are actually inside. Like i really wanna go inside but I dont wanna die. Has anyone actually been inside the hidden tunnels in the back?
The Mouth
About to get hit by a car.
(Left to Right)
My Danna Sama, Micah, IDK and Chun 💕
What a nice time. Maybe one day well all grow a pair and actually enter the inner caves.

Friday, January 27, 2017



And now shes trying to bite my face

これ何者か? 🐾

Lunch at Leeward Community College with Elena





Sunday, January 22, 2017

Breakfast at Kalapawai in Kapolei

 So its very rare for me to be up before 12 pm. Bryson decided to suprise me, and wake me up! We went to a fancy breakfast. This was the first time I've ever been to Kalapawai and to my understanding it used to be in Haleiwa? I have seen the building in Kapolei for some time now and only up until recently did I ever set foot inside.
The staff was so helpful and sweet. Which really suprised me hence it is the west side and everyone here is bitter. I really loved their personalities!

 The music was soft jazz (my favorite) and they had a bar. But I think 8am was a little too ealry for a drink. Maybe next time!
店からsmooth jazzが流れています。「ああ、素晴らしい」そしてオープンバーがあるけど朝8時で「ダメ」と思うた。たぶん今度(笑) 🍸

Always drinking coffee, that's why teeth is stained. 

My husband's (Bryson) breakfast

And whoops, I ordered the wrong thing but it' fine. Was delicious anyway! Will be coming back soon! Maybe I'll bring all my friends :) 

Ame no Waipahu Machi - Hikariyama Torao (Lyrics)

Ame no Waipahu Machi
Music and Lyrics by Tevita L. Apina Jr
Musical Arrangement by Craig Shimizu
Japanese Management by Kyoko

Shiroi Entsotsu Tooku ni Mieru
Keredo kono ai ni Asu wa Mienai
Ame ga furu Ame ga furu kokoro wa nureru
semete ame furu kao wo kakushi
anata ni mouichido aitakute

doshaburi ame no naka
anata wa watashi no amayadori deshita
demo ima, anata wa inaikara 
kono yo ni watashi wo mamorumono wa nai
tsumetai ne

Ame no Waipahu Machi anata wa kieta
keredo omoi wa mada moeteiru
namida ame namida ame kokoro wa nureru
kokoro no hi wo kesanaide
inochi wo moyashita WAIKELE no gawa

setsunai ame ni setsunai ame ni kokoro wa nureru
nidoto auhi wa nai no deshou
mouichido aitai dakaretai

ah, Itsuka natsu ni nari
Himawari no hana no saku toki
watashi wa anata to mouichido saki tai
Tatote Ima wa karete yuku hana demo

雨のWAIPAHU街 - 光山虎夫 (歌詞)

作詞・作曲 Tevita L. Apina Jr
編曲 Craig Shimizu
日本語指導 Kyoko Sano

雨が降る 雨が降る 心は濡れる

どしゃ降り雨の中 あなたは私の雨宿りでした
でも今、あなたはいないから この世に私を守るものはない

なみだ雨 なみだ雨 心は濡れる

せつない雨に せつない雨に 心は濡れる
もう一度逢いたい 抱かれたい

ああ、いつか夏になり ひまわりの花の咲く時

Koi Koi Shigure - Hikariyama Torao (Lyrics)

Koi Koi Shigure
Music and Lyrics by Tevita L. Apina Jr
Musical Arrangement by Craig Shimizu
Japanese Management by Kyoko Sano

Ame ga Futtara Aiai gasa de
Te to te Futari de Aruki Dasu
Doshaburi Daijoubu Anata Irukara
Kinou no Namida wo Wasurete Ikimashouka
Ashita ga Akaruku Waratteiru
Dakara Onegai Soba Nite
Koi Koi Koi Koi
Koi no Koi no Kasa no Shita

Hyaku made Horete Anata dake
Anata wa Watashi no Michizure
Doshaburi Keredo Ureshii Namida
Kinou no Tsurasa Wasurete Ikimashouka
Ashita mo Akaruku Waratteiru
Dakara Onegai Soba Nite
Shiawase Shiawase
Shiawase Shiawase Tsuzuku Michi

Kinou no Namida wo Wasurete Ikimashouka
Ashita ga Akaruku Waratteiru
Dakara Onegai Soba Nite
Koi Koi Koi Koi
Koi no Koi no Kasa no Shita

恋々しぐれ - 光山虎夫  歌詞

作詞・作曲 Tevita L. Apina Jr
編曲 Craig Shimizu
日本語指導 Kyoko Sano

恋 来い 恋 来い

しあわせ しあわせ
しあわせ しあわせ続く道

恋 来い 恋 来い

Friday, January 6, 2017


2匹のイヌだね (笑)🐶🐾 



Monday, January 2, 2017

ハワイ日本文化センター「秋まつり2016」Japanese Cultural Center - Aki Matsuri 2016 (Shimizu Voice)


So this year I'm supposed to be losing weight... We'll see..
Oh and I'm supposed to be a rooster in this photo cause of the new year.


And then we were amused by a moth

Some dead person was interfering with out run

Me and my bae "Lil Mothy"


Monday, November 7, 2016


 Because I was feeling sad, went to visit my dog Bella. She did cheer me up. Got we have like 5 houses..