Saturday, January 15, 2011

白木屋のたべ物 Food at Shirokiya

<<~~ This food is around sunset time. Shirokiya I have no idea what time they closed but at 6pm they were still cooking and all the food was fresh! Yesturday we went to Craig Sensei's then afterward we had to stop at Hakubundo so that I could order some cds' from Japan. After that we went to Shirokiya go get something to eat before we got home. I had Takoyaki as a side, Katsudon as a main dish and on the sides I had, speghetti, croqet, and pickled ginger. I can't eat the rice because its a strach. Oh, yea I love Takoyaki it is one of my favorite Japanese foods.
  このたべ物は夕焼の頃からです.しろきやの クロシング タイムーを わすれました!(笑)たこ焼きはだいすきじゃあ!カツ丼は とても うまい! 米はたべなさい,,,,ぜんぜんない だから 米は 私の大中 は 大きになれ!(ハーハーハー)しろきやの たこ焼きは ほんまに おいしい!

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