Monday, January 17, 2011

石川恵司 江差追分 先生

Esashi oiwake music(江差追分) is a kind of folk music from the Japanese island of Hokkaidō. It started in the town of Esashi in Hiyama Subprefecture.
Oiwake was originally a horseman's song (Mago-uta) from Oiwake village from Nagano Prefecture but spread throughout Japan during the Edo period. Once in Esashi, the melody was modified and also enlarged by adding starting and ending sections.
The song's lyrics changed, describing nature, customs and fishing in Esashi instead of a horseman's life in the mountains. The Japanese Shakuhachi flute accompanies the singing which has a free rhythm rather than a mechanical, fitted rhythm.
One version of the way that the term Esahi Oiwake was coined is from the town's efforts to reinvent itself as a tourism destination at the end of the 19th century after local fisheries failed. The town advertised itself using a popular oiwake song called Min'yo which became known as Easahi Oiwake as the town's version gained renown. All of that is from wikipedia so don't blame me if it wrong! Today I went to the top of Aiea where Amy, Grandma and I went to meet up with Ishikawa Sensei who teaches minyo in Tokyo. Amy and I are going to start Esashi Oiwake. It seems fun!
oh yes and tomarrow at 11:00am Ishikawa Seiji sensei will be on Kzoo Radio station am1210! Please listen to it!
このさしんは あたしと石川恵司(いしかわせいじ)先生でございます. 江差追分(えさしおいわけ)は北海道の民謡。渡島半島の日本海沿岸に位置する江差町が発祥の地である。江戸時代中期以降に発生したとされている。信濃の追分節に起源があるとするのが定説のようである。北海道指定の無形民俗文化財。「姥神大神宮渡御祭と江差追分」として北海道遺産に選定されている。
これのデフィニシオンはウィキペヂア.コム. 今日はエイミ,おばあちゃん, とあたし は 旅立ちアイエアの上どす.石川恵司先生とあたしが 逢たいどす.石川恵司先生 は民謡先生 東京からです.エイミ(歌川あけみ)とあたし は江差追分のクラスがはじめって!たのしいネーエー!

旦日は石川恵司先生はラジオが出る.Kzoo AM1210ラジオステイシオン11:00の頃!

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