Friday, June 17, 2011

Makiki Contemporary Museum

"The Contemporary Museum's gardens, part of a five-acre complex, were created between 1928 and 1941 by Reverend K. H. Inagaki, a Honolulu minister with a special interest in landscape design. In transforming the hillside into sloping lawns and a secluded garden ravine namedNu'umealani, or Heavenly Terraces, Reverend Inagaki intended to create a retreat in which to meditate and experience the harmony of nature.
In 1979-80 the gardens were revamped and restored under the supervision of Honolulu landscape architect James C. Hubbard. Hawaii garden designer Leland Miyano recently has assisted in revising the selection of foliage. With the additional placement of select pieces of sculpture from the permanent collection, the gardens provide both a natural setting for works of art and a quiet place for contemplation and renewal."
- makiki contemporary museum website