Sunday, July 17, 2011

Aliyah my Cousin from Palau

Pacific Palisades Rissho Kosei-Kai

The Banner out front
Kinako and Shoyu Mochi
Aunty Sharon and Grandma ~
Oh this is the first time I've ever went up a Mountain to go to a Bon Dance. Aunty Sharon Ansai A.K.A. Auntycamera on youtube took Grandma, and her two friends up there. I mean I've been over there for hiking before but never for a Bon Dance. Well when we arrived I was so shocked to see that the actual dance area was so cute and tiny. I actually like it when the bon dance areas are small and not that much people go because its more fun I can't explain why but Its' more of a home feel to it. Well at the begging they had there normal services and then they had a moment of silence for, from what I heard from others' is that it was for Setsuko Furuya the Bon Dance teacher who was killed in Waikiki earlier this year by a Oli Oli Trolley.
The leaders were the group Suzu no Kai. The dances' were so cute and basic so like Tokyo Ondo, and Tanko Bushi kinda songs'. Even the Fukushima Ondo wasn't played on Taiko it was played on a Snare Drum and a Bass Drum. 
So like it was so fun. They had food games, regular Bon Dance, and Eisa.
Oh the food there was so good I had Garlic fries and like because of my Acid Reflux its kinda bad for me, but who cares I ate it anyways.hehe 
The Mochi there was so good they had freshly pounded Mochi, with Kinako and Shoyu mochi it was so cute.
There was this little girl there and she was so cute she kept following us when we were dancing. Her name was Emi and towards the end we were all dancing the slow version then of Fukushima Ondo all together .
So I hope that her parents are reading this, I ran to them after the Bon dance to give i believe her mother my URL for this site. 
Oh I forgot about the rain. My god the rain was terrible but they kept playing the music so when the song Pokemon Ondo came on i was the only one who was dancing and then others started I felt so happy! hehehe the rain was okay it didn't matter cause the feelings there were so happy. This is the first time when I heard at a Bon dance where they have lucky number so at the very end we won a George Formon Crock pot hehe really cool. This is now one of my favorite Bon Dances so far this year!
In the bottom picture you can see the empty seats there. Hehehe thats how tiny it was there!
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Monday, July 11, 2011

Grandma Loves Korean Dramas'

At the front front enterance when you first walk into the tent with the  Korean  Drama tent

Traditional Korean Clothes in the tent

Hahaha my gradma has a crush on him! lol :)

This is the movie poster for Yi San and Damo  grandma's favorite drama

Haha more with Yi san and Damo

Haha who is this?