Monday, October 17, 2011

Kzoo Karaoke Taikai Grand Champion

This year's Kzoo Karaoke Taikai Grand Champion. Oh my gosh I won I am so Happy I will be leaving for Japan in May of 2012 I will be staying there for about 3 days and be entered in the Grand Prix. All my hard work finally paid off! I was so happy when they called my name to win! I am so happy and so proud of all of the contestants we all did great. I hope that I have the same luck I had here, in Japan. Im not quite sure yet on the Hotel I will be staying in, but I will announce once I found out. Im just so happy! Thank you to the Kzoo Crew and everyone in charge of the Karaoke Taikai. Thank you to Amy Katsumoto for helping me get into this business, Thank you to Craig Shimizu my Voice Sensei for making me practice everyday. Thank you to my little brother for supporting me, and most of all thank you to my grandmother for always believing in me and pushing me to follow my dreams. Thank you so much!