Friday, December 21, 2012

Shimizu Voice Christmas 2012

Still excuse me for not keeping everyone posted up on the events!
You know how it is during this time of the year, so hectic and so much more performances than normal.

Speaking about not normal, for the first time the Shimizu Voice studio has had their first Christmas recital, held at the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai`i. Even though the theme was changed from Halloween to Christmas, it did not stop our Sensei (Craig Shimizu) from holding and unusual recital, filled with comedy in all languages from English to Japanese to French etc.

That is the one thing that makes Craig Shimizu different from any other vocal teachers on Hawai`i. He does not only teach Vocal training, but stage performance and showman-ship. He always makes his students do something other than just sing, from dancing / moving around to comedy etc.

This recital we had many comedy acts. One which really stuck out from all of which I have seen was the swimmers accompanied vocally by Colette Gomoto. Luckily I got to be a part of the craziness. We all had to wear tank-tops, swim caps, and goggles. All of that exercise to look good in that tank-top, did NOT show at all!

I also got to perform my original song "Koukai no Umi," (project coming up with that) lyrics by me (Hikariyama Torao) and arrangement by Craig Shimizu himself. My idea of the lighting in the audience did not turn out as well as it did in my head though, so the lighting is not too well..  

Finally - Amy Katsumoto (2012 Kzoo Grand Champion) got to sing her winning Kzoo song "Ai no Sanka," right before Sensei, along with Jeff Sato, and I closed the show with a small parody of Psy's Gangnam style. Odd right for a Japanese recital?

In the end I think this recital was really awesome and packed with so much comedy and variety - it was a shame that the Ajisai Karaoke Club's show was also the same day as our show. Oh well! hehe

Hope to hear from everyone soon!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kzoo Taikai 2012 *POINTS!*

Congratulations to Amy Katsumoto (Utagawa Akemi) for coming in Grand Champion in this year's Kzoo Taikai. Super happy we all get to go to Japan again Next Year! I've been so happy with my travels recently!

Here are the Points from Craig Shimizu Sensei.
GRAND CHAMPION:  Amy Katsumoto   "Ai No Sanka"   427 points

FIRST PLACE:       Naomi Sano  "Yell"  394 points
SECOND PLACE: Tegan Inoue  "Daite Kuretara Ii No Ni"   389 points
THIRD PLACE:     Nina Tanaka  "Okaeri"   382 points

FIRST PLACE:       Haley Sakamoto  "Half Moon Serenade"   409 points

SECOND PLACE:  Tia Inoue   "Tokai No Suzume"   401 points

THIRD PLACE:      Lydia Haff   "First Love"   395 points

FIRST PLACE:       Carolyn Shimamura    "Be Alive"   424 points
SECOND PLACE:  Fred Hokada     "Arigato...Kansha"   419 points
THIRD PLACE:      Emiko Bossian    "Mikazuki"    415 points
FIRST PLACE:        Kiyoko Endo    "Murasaki No Mambo"    412 points
SECOND PLACE:  Tony Kimura    "Koi Suru Machikado"    411 points
THIRD PLACE:       Susan Muramoto-Willy    "Onna Minato Machi"   407 points

FIRST PLACE:       Yoshito Hironaka  "Kampai"  398 points
SECOND PLACE:  Roy Nagamine  "Sake To Namida To Otoko To Onna"   392 points
THIRD PLACE:      Betsie Fukuda   "Sugi"    387 points

This year you can see how the Points were super close! 
The competition was awesome this year. I was so happy I got to be a guest singer this year! Recently Shimizu Sensei has been teaching me inhalare la voce, it's actually a singing technique where you inhale while singing, so that you don't strain your voice. The technique is actually very hard. Still trying my best to master it.

Will try my best to keep every one posted more on time now! Life has just been so hectic recently!  

Friday, October 12, 2012

FUJI TV iine Japan! フジテレビ いいね!JAPAN!

Sorry Guys I haven't been posting My Laptop that I normally use is broken right now and I'm using my tiny Netbook right now. It's to tiny and hard to use, but I just have to GAMAN and keep trying to work with it!

Anyways... the title might have thrown you off, cause not too many people knew that I was leaving for Japan. I just came back and I'm not aloud to say what I was there for, but I can tell you it was for a TV show. It was a show about foreigners who like Japan, so my group of coarse was Enka, the other two groups were Oda Nobunaga, and AKB48. There even was a special guest, Mikawa Kenichi! hehe But I didn't get the pictures yet from the company..

I met four really awesome Enka lovers from all over the World! Their names are Berma, Claudia, Maria, and Ashley. Berma was from Germany and he is very talented at singing and enka trivia, I as were we all! Claudia was from the UK and she's really great at singing and Monomane! Claudia could do monomane of Yashiro Aki, Misora Hibari, and even Akikawa Masafumi! Maria was from Peru, she was such a great singer, she even knew how to do the AKB48 dances too! Last but not last Ashley, she was from New York and she was awesome, her and I talked the most. She sang Sakamoto Fuyumi's Yozakura Oshichi and she is such a great singer! All of my new friends were so funny and we all loved Monomane too! I loved it so much, I didn't want it to end!

After the TV show shooting - Grandma and I went to Harajuku and Asakusa. We dragged all of our luggage with us, so it wasn't too fun trying to catch trains and hold our suitcases too...! hehe
Once I got back to Hawaii I was so sad, I miss Japan so much I don't ever wanan come back home. I cried and cried once I got back.

The funny thing though is while I was in Japan I missed Hawaii so much and once I got back I cried cried about how much I missed Japan.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Shirokiya's 350 year Anniversary

Oh hey everyone - sorry this is kinda late!

But if you have been keeping up with the new recently then you would know that the Only Shirokiya in the world is in Hawaii and it just celebrated it's 350 year anniversary.

With that being said Ala Moana along side with kzoo radio station decided to make a small free show with Kzoo winners, Taiko performances by Kenny Endo schools, and Bon Odori by the waipahu soto Taiyoji Mission! Tiny Tadani was the emcee for the Even along with Robyn Furuya from Kzoo radio station.

The event was awesome and I always wanted to perform at Ala Moana main stage I was so happy when I got to. I was really happy that my grandma got to see me perform. She had just gotten out of the Hospital that's why and everyone was worried that she wasn't going to be able to attend the 4 hour event. Well she did and she stated from the very begging to the end! What a trooper.

I felt so tense that day  - cause what happened was I sent in a song but then the night before the stage I decided to change my son. So I had to learn a while new some in one day and I will admit that it was very difficult but in the end I ended up doing some-what of an okay job with it!

I'm really happy with the turn ot of people and all of the performers. They had many different song styles there - Pop, Enka , Hawaii, English etc. and that's what made it very interesting and it showed the tourist of what a divers culture we have here in the Aina.

I would gladly do an event like this again -  I enjoyed it so much! CONGRADULATIONS SHIROKIYA FOR MAKING 350 YEARS!

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Yesterday I got to meet the World Famous Band Hiroshima! They were so awesome and nice. Actually I've been waiting to see them for a week in advance! Anyways we even came 1 hour early to watch their interview! Thank god we did cause I got to meet Dan and June Kuramoto. At first I felt so nervous to meet then cause they're so famous and have the best smooth Jazz Music out there. I remember listening to them as a young kid, my grandmother used to play a lot of there music and it used to some on the Radio a lot.
Anyways when I first got to meet the Kuramotos' I thought that they didn't speak English, so I went to them Speaking Japanese while in fact they spoke English because Dan-san was a Sansei and June-san came to California when she was 5 years old I believe so I think that because not that many people speak Japanese in California she kinda lost some of her Japanese. June-san also has her Natori in Koto! They are the most Down to Earth people you would ever meet! My two favorite songs are their Older songs called Obon, and Odori and luckily I still had my old LP Record of Odori! So I got the Kuramotos' to sign it for me! Later I got to also meet Danny Yamamoto who is their Bass, and percussion. They were so nice! I felt so at home after I met them! Very warm people! I wish I could make it to their Concert but unfortunately I don't have money to go, but I would love too! While I was there I also met some of their fans and one lady even cried when she had seen the Record she said it brought back so much memories. I wish my grandma could have came but she had to babysit last night, but she got to watch it at home on the Shirokiya live stream. Hiroshima's new CD "Departure" was also there for sale! Everyone had bought one! You can buy thier cd here and if your interested in attending their concert I suggest you go and buy tickets now cause the second concert is already sold out! You can buy them at  or
I hope to hear from them soon and I thank them for being so awesome with their music and happiness! I hope everyone else is having an awesome week also! Love you guys!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

normal wednesday...

Hey everyone, I know that I don't usually don't post during the middle of the week, but I did something today which I would normally not ever do. 
Today my friend Elena and I walked the Waipahu Canals all day today!
I had so much fun! The entire time it was almost like we were having an adventure.
Originally the Canal if you walk up from Honowai you can walk all the way up to the Dole Canary, so in fact  we were going to do just the same. 
While walking up the ambiance is actually very scary, with broken glass, and rubbish every where. 
The dogs barking at you along the steep walls of the Canal also don't help with the feeling, but as soon as you get to his area where people call it "Three Tunnels," because of apparent reasons (there are three tunnels) the artwork starts to get beautiful.

I was so shocked to see all of the un-used talent there in a canal where no one would ever see it.
There were graffiti of large scale pictures and words, personally I thought that it was beautiful.
I kinda made me smile, to think that there is so much talent here in Hawai`i even in our Canals' we have them.
The scary part was all of the broken glass, dark tunnels, and the homeless people.
To get to dole Canary you have to walk through the 3 tunnels, my friend Elena was then like "Oh you know; one has a giant wasp nest in them, but I don't remember which one it was."
So we decided to just walk on the far right one, thank good-ness it wasn't the one with the wasp nest.
Once we got to the other side, the canal just ended abruptly to a long stone trail.
We walked along the trail for about 30 minutes until we got to a homeless camp, and neither of us were ready to fight or anything. Cause either it went two ways,
1. we pass by the homeless man with no problems, ot
2. the homeless man is crazy and he tries to kill us.
So instead of risking it, we decided to go the opposite direction, I was so disappointed though! 
So we were gonna see how far it went the other way.
We walked pass Oacis complex, and behind the Waipahu Post office and Don Quijote.
Finally we got to an area where it's all the Waipahu industrial area is and then all of a sudden these little puddles on water were on the ground and tiny fish were in them.
Not even kidding! They were just in little puddles of water.
We kept walking, and we even heard crunching under our shoes, and when we looked down, we were walking on a whole bunch of little baby, fresh water snails. There were so many!
As we kept going, we finally came to this great big body of water and we seen that we couldn't go anywhere from there. We also seen that we had no way out!
The walls have become too steep to climb out and the pipe we crawled through was too high to try and climb back into. So some how I managed to climb up to the top of the wall where I was able to get out of the Canal, but my friend Elena couldn't get out she was stuck on the side of the wall, and it was either she climbed up, or if she let go she could have broke a bone, or even die. So we were like freaking out!
So I went back down to offer my hand and we both got out. We felt like we walked like 10 miles when in fact we didn't really go that far away from our houses.. 
I had such a great adventure today! I loved it, and I love being dangerous!
I hope everyone is having a great week! I love you guys and talk to you soon!
Too see all of the pictures you can look at

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What Music is

Music is the hardest kind of art. 
It doesn't hang up on a wall and wait to be stared at and enjoyed by passersby. 
It's communication. 
It's hours and hours being put into a work of art that may only last,
 in reality, 
for a few moments...
but if done well, and truly appreciated, 
it lasts in our hearts forever. 
That's art. 
Speaking with your heart to the hearts of others. 
~Mr. Dan Romano

Monday, February 20, 2012


Thank you to; everyone who helped make my Ashita no Yume Concert Possible...!
Special Thanks to,
Catherine Apina, Amy Katsumoto, George Katsumoto, Adam Correa, Arleen Correa, Kyoko Sano, Sharon Ansai, Virggie Pabro, Craig & Veda Shimizu, Sugano, Mika, Jay Toyofukuand all of the performers for helping and going through all of planning, and just showing up to help in the morning.
Thank You to, Larry Nakano, Michael Cabagbag, Johnathan Kiriakos, Rose Watanabe, Derrick Tsuyama, Colette Gomoto, Sherrie Lum, Troy Igarashi, Etsuko Horiuchi, Grant Murata, Keiko Tanaka, Kristine Ayson, Tetsuji Ideta , Kay Hirayama, Zoe Tanaka, Olelo Crew and Jeff Sato
Olelo came, that day also, when they are finished with the Videos, you can call (808) 848-0917 to place an order!
For the next show I hope that I will see everyone's face once again!

I got to sing  5 songs,
1. Dai Hanjo to wake everyone up in the morning, 2. Kaze no Oiwake Minato Machi which was the first song I ever sang on stage in the sixth grade. 3. Jinsei wa Shiawase Saki Bana which is my original song. The words and music are by me, and the arrangement is by Craig Shimizu. Thank you so much for helping me put it together to sound so professional! 4. Bokyo Jonkara, which is the same song I will be singing at the Nippon Amatur Kayosai (NAK 日本アマチュア歌謡祭 2012) in Japan May 26, 2012. This is the NAK offiicial site Finally 5.Arigato....Kansha to thank everyone who has helped me through out my life.
With all my heart I would love to thank you!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

-明日の夢コンサト-プラクティス- Practice for the Ashita no Yume Concert

Oh my gosh, my concert is this week already! So Today Shimizu Sensei asked us to come into his office today. We usually go on Fridays'. It was nice to go one a weekend, no one was there! So there was parking! hehe
So we worked on things for the show like 'lists' and 'song titles' we had fun.
Amy got to work on her McKinley song 'Its' only a paper moon.' with a little twist to it.
Shimizu Sensei also got to work on my Original song "Jinsei wa Shiawase Saki Bana" which will be making its debut at my concert this Saturday.
My Original song "Jinsei wa Shiawase Saki Bana" I will also be performing at the Pacific Buddhist Academy on March 3, 2012. Jinsei wa Shiawase Saki Bana is a song wrote a while back ago about how beautiful life can be.
Basically Jinsei wa Shiawase Saki Bana means "Life is a Happy Flower in Bloom."
 I'm excited to hear the reaction from everyone! I'm so excited for this Saturday! Please come support everyone! You can still buy tickets at the Door!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Interview with Hawai`i Hochi Newspaper

Me standing with Noriyoshi
and Jean Kanaizumi from the
Hawaii Hochi
"The Hawaii Hochi is a Japanese and English language, six-day-a-week, newspaper published and sold in Hawaii, United States. The newspaper was founded in 1912 to serve the Japanese immigrant community in Hawaii. At its peak in the early 1990s, the newspaper had a circulation of 9,000. The number has since dwindled to around 3,000. The newspaper is delivered by mail. The newspaper's publishing company also operates a commercial printing business." - That Definition is from W

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nikkei Fujinkai 2012

Minna-Sama! Shinen Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu!
Happy 2012 everyone! The year of the dragon~!
Well on Sunday, January 22 I got the honor of performing for the Nikkei Fujinkai, which is the Japanese, American Women's Society. They're a very big Society! I am so honored that I got to perform for them.
It was at Natsunoya Tea House. I got to sing 3 songs.
1. Manju Shaka originally recorded by Yamaguchi Momoe. I had fun. I usually don't sing rock songs like that, but it was fun to step out of my shell fora while >.<
2. Kanazawa no Ame originally by Kawanaka Miyuki, I sang this song with Amy Katsumoto (Utagawa Akemi)
We got to rock our Kasa (umbrellas) I was so surprised that we came out so in sync with each other~
3. Okeri ga Omamori originally by Sakamoto Fuyumi. I sang this song for my family, mostly to my brother and grandma. Okaeri ga Omamori means "returning home is my treasure" It wasn't really an Enka song, but Kayokyoku. I got to meet so many interesting and very important people. Like I said, I'm very happy. To see the videos' from the event you can click on this URL to go to them,

Please enjoy!