Monday, February 20, 2012


Thank you to; everyone who helped make my Ashita no Yume Concert Possible...!
Special Thanks to,
Catherine Apina, Amy Katsumoto, George Katsumoto, Adam Correa, Arleen Correa, Kyoko Sano, Sharon Ansai, Virggie Pabro, Craig & Veda Shimizu, Sugano, Mika, Jay Toyofukuand all of the performers for helping and going through all of planning, and just showing up to help in the morning.
Thank You to, Larry Nakano, Michael Cabagbag, Johnathan Kiriakos, Rose Watanabe, Derrick Tsuyama, Colette Gomoto, Sherrie Lum, Troy Igarashi, Etsuko Horiuchi, Grant Murata, Keiko Tanaka, Kristine Ayson, Tetsuji Ideta , Kay Hirayama, Zoe Tanaka, Olelo Crew and Jeff Sato
Olelo came, that day also, when they are finished with the Videos, you can call (808) 848-0917 to place an order!
For the next show I hope that I will see everyone's face once again!

I got to sing  5 songs,
1. Dai Hanjo to wake everyone up in the morning, 2. Kaze no Oiwake Minato Machi which was the first song I ever sang on stage in the sixth grade. 3. Jinsei wa Shiawase Saki Bana which is my original song. The words and music are by me, and the arrangement is by Craig Shimizu. Thank you so much for helping me put it together to sound so professional! 4. Bokyo Jonkara, which is the same song I will be singing at the Nippon Amatur Kayosai (NAK 日本アマチュア歌謡祭 2012) in Japan May 26, 2012. This is the NAK offiicial site Finally 5.Arigato....Kansha to thank everyone who has helped me through out my life.
With all my heart I would love to thank you!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

-明日の夢コンサト-プラクティス- Practice for the Ashita no Yume Concert

Oh my gosh, my concert is this week already! So Today Shimizu Sensei asked us to come into his office today. We usually go on Fridays'. It was nice to go one a weekend, no one was there! So there was parking! hehe
So we worked on things for the show like 'lists' and 'song titles' we had fun.
Amy got to work on her McKinley song 'Its' only a paper moon.' with a little twist to it.
Shimizu Sensei also got to work on my Original song "Jinsei wa Shiawase Saki Bana" which will be making its debut at my concert this Saturday.
My Original song "Jinsei wa Shiawase Saki Bana" I will also be performing at the Pacific Buddhist Academy on March 3, 2012. Jinsei wa Shiawase Saki Bana is a song wrote a while back ago about how beautiful life can be.
Basically Jinsei wa Shiawase Saki Bana means "Life is a Happy Flower in Bloom."
 I'm excited to hear the reaction from everyone! I'm so excited for this Saturday! Please come support everyone! You can still buy tickets at the Door!