Sunday, February 12, 2012

-明日の夢コンサト-プラクティス- Practice for the Ashita no Yume Concert

Oh my gosh, my concert is this week already! So Today Shimizu Sensei asked us to come into his office today. We usually go on Fridays'. It was nice to go one a weekend, no one was there! So there was parking! hehe
So we worked on things for the show like 'lists' and 'song titles' we had fun.
Amy got to work on her McKinley song 'Its' only a paper moon.' with a little twist to it.
Shimizu Sensei also got to work on my Original song "Jinsei wa Shiawase Saki Bana" which will be making its debut at my concert this Saturday.
My Original song "Jinsei wa Shiawase Saki Bana" I will also be performing at the Pacific Buddhist Academy on March 3, 2012. Jinsei wa Shiawase Saki Bana is a song wrote a while back ago about how beautiful life can be.
Basically Jinsei wa Shiawase Saki Bana means "Life is a Happy Flower in Bloom."
 I'm excited to hear the reaction from everyone! I'm so excited for this Saturday! Please come support everyone! You can still buy tickets at the Door!

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