Saturday, July 28, 2012


Yesterday I got to meet the World Famous Band Hiroshima! They were so awesome and nice. Actually I've been waiting to see them for a week in advance! Anyways we even came 1 hour early to watch their interview! Thank god we did cause I got to meet Dan and June Kuramoto. At first I felt so nervous to meet then cause they're so famous and have the best smooth Jazz Music out there. I remember listening to them as a young kid, my grandmother used to play a lot of there music and it used to some on the Radio a lot.
Anyways when I first got to meet the Kuramotos' I thought that they didn't speak English, so I went to them Speaking Japanese while in fact they spoke English because Dan-san was a Sansei and June-san came to California when she was 5 years old I believe so I think that because not that many people speak Japanese in California she kinda lost some of her Japanese. June-san also has her Natori in Koto! They are the most Down to Earth people you would ever meet! My two favorite songs are their Older songs called Obon, and Odori and luckily I still had my old LP Record of Odori! So I got the Kuramotos' to sign it for me! Later I got to also meet Danny Yamamoto who is their Bass, and percussion. They were so nice! I felt so at home after I met them! Very warm people! I wish I could make it to their Concert but unfortunately I don't have money to go, but I would love too! While I was there I also met some of their fans and one lady even cried when she had seen the Record she said it brought back so much memories. I wish my grandma could have came but she had to babysit last night, but she got to watch it at home on the Shirokiya live stream. Hiroshima's new CD "Departure" was also there for sale! Everyone had bought one! You can buy thier cd here and if your interested in attending their concert I suggest you go and buy tickets now cause the second concert is already sold out! You can buy them at  or
I hope to hear from them soon and I thank them for being so awesome with their music and happiness! I hope everyone else is having an awesome week also! Love you guys!

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