Thursday, July 19, 2012

normal wednesday...

Hey everyone, I know that I don't usually don't post during the middle of the week, but I did something today which I would normally not ever do. 
Today my friend Elena and I walked the Waipahu Canals all day today!
I had so much fun! The entire time it was almost like we were having an adventure.
Originally the Canal if you walk up from Honowai you can walk all the way up to the Dole Canary, so in fact  we were going to do just the same. 
While walking up the ambiance is actually very scary, with broken glass, and rubbish every where. 
The dogs barking at you along the steep walls of the Canal also don't help with the feeling, but as soon as you get to his area where people call it "Three Tunnels," because of apparent reasons (there are three tunnels) the artwork starts to get beautiful.

I was so shocked to see all of the un-used talent there in a canal where no one would ever see it.
There were graffiti of large scale pictures and words, personally I thought that it was beautiful.
I kinda made me smile, to think that there is so much talent here in Hawai`i even in our Canals' we have them.
The scary part was all of the broken glass, dark tunnels, and the homeless people.
To get to dole Canary you have to walk through the 3 tunnels, my friend Elena was then like "Oh you know; one has a giant wasp nest in them, but I don't remember which one it was."
So we decided to just walk on the far right one, thank good-ness it wasn't the one with the wasp nest.
Once we got to the other side, the canal just ended abruptly to a long stone trail.
We walked along the trail for about 30 minutes until we got to a homeless camp, and neither of us were ready to fight or anything. Cause either it went two ways,
1. we pass by the homeless man with no problems, ot
2. the homeless man is crazy and he tries to kill us.
So instead of risking it, we decided to go the opposite direction, I was so disappointed though! 
So we were gonna see how far it went the other way.
We walked pass Oacis complex, and behind the Waipahu Post office and Don Quijote.
Finally we got to an area where it's all the Waipahu industrial area is and then all of a sudden these little puddles on water were on the ground and tiny fish were in them.
Not even kidding! They were just in little puddles of water.
We kept walking, and we even heard crunching under our shoes, and when we looked down, we were walking on a whole bunch of little baby, fresh water snails. There were so many!
As we kept going, we finally came to this great big body of water and we seen that we couldn't go anywhere from there. We also seen that we had no way out!
The walls have become too steep to climb out and the pipe we crawled through was too high to try and climb back into. So some how I managed to climb up to the top of the wall where I was able to get out of the Canal, but my friend Elena couldn't get out she was stuck on the side of the wall, and it was either she climbed up, or if she let go she could have broke a bone, or even die. So we were like freaking out!
So I went back down to offer my hand and we both got out. We felt like we walked like 10 miles when in fact we didn't really go that far away from our houses.. 
I had such a great adventure today! I loved it, and I love being dangerous!
I hope everyone is having a great week! I love you guys and talk to you soon!
Too see all of the pictures you can look at

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