Saturday, September 1, 2012

Shirokiya's 350 year Anniversary

Oh hey everyone - sorry this is kinda late!

But if you have been keeping up with the new recently then you would know that the Only Shirokiya in the world is in Hawaii and it just celebrated it's 350 year anniversary.

With that being said Ala Moana along side with kzoo radio station decided to make a small free show with Kzoo winners, Taiko performances by Kenny Endo schools, and Bon Odori by the waipahu soto Taiyoji Mission! Tiny Tadani was the emcee for the Even along with Robyn Furuya from Kzoo radio station.

The event was awesome and I always wanted to perform at Ala Moana main stage I was so happy when I got to. I was really happy that my grandma got to see me perform. She had just gotten out of the Hospital that's why and everyone was worried that she wasn't going to be able to attend the 4 hour event. Well she did and she stated from the very begging to the end! What a trooper.

I felt so tense that day  - cause what happened was I sent in a song but then the night before the stage I decided to change my son. So I had to learn a while new some in one day and I will admit that it was very difficult but in the end I ended up doing some-what of an okay job with it!

I'm really happy with the turn ot of people and all of the performers. They had many different song styles there - Pop, Enka , Hawaii, English etc. and that's what made it very interesting and it showed the tourist of what a divers culture we have here in the Aina.

I would gladly do an event like this again -  I enjoyed it so much! CONGRADULATIONS SHIROKIYA FOR MAKING 350 YEARS!