Friday, October 12, 2012

FUJI TV iine Japan! フジテレビ いいね!JAPAN!

Sorry Guys I haven't been posting My Laptop that I normally use is broken right now and I'm using my tiny Netbook right now. It's to tiny and hard to use, but I just have to GAMAN and keep trying to work with it!

Anyways... the title might have thrown you off, cause not too many people knew that I was leaving for Japan. I just came back and I'm not aloud to say what I was there for, but I can tell you it was for a TV show. It was a show about foreigners who like Japan, so my group of coarse was Enka, the other two groups were Oda Nobunaga, and AKB48. There even was a special guest, Mikawa Kenichi! hehe But I didn't get the pictures yet from the company..

I met four really awesome Enka lovers from all over the World! Their names are Berma, Claudia, Maria, and Ashley. Berma was from Germany and he is very talented at singing and enka trivia, I as were we all! Claudia was from the UK and she's really great at singing and Monomane! Claudia could do monomane of Yashiro Aki, Misora Hibari, and even Akikawa Masafumi! Maria was from Peru, she was such a great singer, she even knew how to do the AKB48 dances too! Last but not last Ashley, she was from New York and she was awesome, her and I talked the most. She sang Sakamoto Fuyumi's Yozakura Oshichi and she is such a great singer! All of my new friends were so funny and we all loved Monomane too! I loved it so much, I didn't want it to end!

After the TV show shooting - Grandma and I went to Harajuku and Asakusa. We dragged all of our luggage with us, so it wasn't too fun trying to catch trains and hold our suitcases too...! hehe
Once I got back to Hawaii I was so sad, I miss Japan so much I don't ever wanan come back home. I cried and cried once I got back.

The funny thing though is while I was in Japan I missed Hawaii so much and once I got back I cried cried about how much I missed Japan.

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