Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kzoo Taikai 2012 *POINTS!*

Congratulations to Amy Katsumoto (Utagawa Akemi) for coming in Grand Champion in this year's Kzoo Taikai. Super happy we all get to go to Japan again Next Year! I've been so happy with my travels recently!

Here are the Points from Craig Shimizu Sensei.
GRAND CHAMPION:  Amy Katsumoto   "Ai No Sanka"   427 points

FIRST PLACE:       Naomi Sano  "Yell"  394 points
SECOND PLACE: Tegan Inoue  "Daite Kuretara Ii No Ni"   389 points
THIRD PLACE:     Nina Tanaka  "Okaeri"   382 points

FIRST PLACE:       Haley Sakamoto  "Half Moon Serenade"   409 points

SECOND PLACE:  Tia Inoue   "Tokai No Suzume"   401 points

THIRD PLACE:      Lydia Haff   "First Love"   395 points

FIRST PLACE:       Carolyn Shimamura    "Be Alive"   424 points
SECOND PLACE:  Fred Hokada     "Arigato...Kansha"   419 points
THIRD PLACE:      Emiko Bossian    "Mikazuki"    415 points
FIRST PLACE:        Kiyoko Endo    "Murasaki No Mambo"    412 points
SECOND PLACE:  Tony Kimura    "Koi Suru Machikado"    411 points
THIRD PLACE:       Susan Muramoto-Willy    "Onna Minato Machi"   407 points

FIRST PLACE:       Yoshito Hironaka  "Kampai"  398 points
SECOND PLACE:  Roy Nagamine  "Sake To Namida To Otoko To Onna"   392 points
THIRD PLACE:      Betsie Fukuda   "Sugi"    387 points

This year you can see how the Points were super close! 
The competition was awesome this year. I was so happy I got to be a guest singer this year! Recently Shimizu Sensei has been teaching me inhalare la voce, it's actually a singing technique where you inhale while singing, so that you don't strain your voice. The technique is actually very hard. Still trying my best to master it.

Will try my best to keep every one posted more on time now! Life has just been so hectic recently!  

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