Friday, December 21, 2012

Shimizu Voice Christmas 2012

Still excuse me for not keeping everyone posted up on the events!
You know how it is during this time of the year, so hectic and so much more performances than normal.

Speaking about not normal, for the first time the Shimizu Voice studio has had their first Christmas recital, held at the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai`i. Even though the theme was changed from Halloween to Christmas, it did not stop our Sensei (Craig Shimizu) from holding and unusual recital, filled with comedy in all languages from English to Japanese to French etc.

That is the one thing that makes Craig Shimizu different from any other vocal teachers on Hawai`i. He does not only teach Vocal training, but stage performance and showman-ship. He always makes his students do something other than just sing, from dancing / moving around to comedy etc.

This recital we had many comedy acts. One which really stuck out from all of which I have seen was the swimmers accompanied vocally by Colette Gomoto. Luckily I got to be a part of the craziness. We all had to wear tank-tops, swim caps, and goggles. All of that exercise to look good in that tank-top, did NOT show at all!

I also got to perform my original song "Koukai no Umi," (project coming up with that) lyrics by me (Hikariyama Torao) and arrangement by Craig Shimizu himself. My idea of the lighting in the audience did not turn out as well as it did in my head though, so the lighting is not too well..  

Finally - Amy Katsumoto (2012 Kzoo Grand Champion) got to sing her winning Kzoo song "Ai no Sanka," right before Sensei, along with Jeff Sato, and I closed the show with a small parody of Psy's Gangnam style. Odd right for a Japanese recital?

In the end I think this recital was really awesome and packed with so much comedy and variety - it was a shame that the Ajisai Karaoke Club's show was also the same day as our show. Oh well! hehe

Hope to hear from everyone soon!