Saturday, March 9, 2013

be happy.

Matsudairyu Odori Kai recital (Maui II)

Hey Guys - sorry for not posting as much! Been super busy with work. Well actually today I was terminated (well the entire walker attendant group did as) so I gotta reapply for a different position at a different branch.  So kinda been under some stress recently, but decided to update my blog since I've been doing a horrible job at updating it...

This trip to to Maui was actually for the Matsudairyu Odori Kai run by Yamada Yaeko sensei. It was a free event on Maui, held at Baldwin high school. Sensei had asked me to sing two songs, both being Hosokawa Takashi - so I picked Bokyo Jonkara, and she had picked Kita Sakaba for me to sing. She even let me borrow one of her studio's Hakama, which was beautiful. The design was strips and it started off silver towards the top and turned black at the bottom.

Grandma Catherine, and Amy also came along with me. So it felt comfortable performing for a different audience than usual.

I noticed that the dancers on Maui are very graceful and are super nice, down to earth kind of people. Yaeko sensei as well is very lady like and is definition of 'woman,' I think. Her dancers, danced with all their heart and soul into the music and dance. It varied as well, from Nihon Buyo, Shin Buyo, Nagauta etc. Her technique is what I think makes her different from other sensei, is that she has variety.

I genuinely love performing on Maui and would love to go back again, soon. Thanks Yaeko Sensei and the Matsudairyu Odori Kai! I'm hoping to get a new job soon, so I will talk to you guys about that again. Thanks for all the support all the time. I need to take my mind off of this junk... (stress) Good night everyone.