Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Shimizu Voice Halloween Recital

Japan Trip 2013 Part IV

So we were gonna go to Odaiba's Oedo Onsen Monogatari but we couldn't go into the Onsen because of grandma's tattoo on her leg. In Japan I forgot that you can't go to an onsen if you have an "Horimono," which is a Tattoo, because of the Yakuza. Well let's get one thing straight - grandma is NOT a Yakuza (Japanese Mafia!) hehe! The Tattoo is of cartoon character Betty Boop... So we couldn't go to the onsen. I
kinda was being Wagamama (bratty) and was mad that we couldn't go. Oh well..

So instead the following day we went to Asakusa again and ate Ramen at my favorite shop called "ARASHI RAMEN." After we were done eating I decided to run to my favorite music shop Yorodo and just so happens that Uesugi Kaori (enka singer) is there and we get to get her autograph and take a picture with her. Yomenaki Misaki is her new song that's doing really good in Japan right now.

After that we went back to Nakamise and grandma got to see the Kannon temple and pray. We even got out Mikuji. Mine was good at first then was junk so had to pray to get the bad away from me. We fooled around the streets playing and taking pictures with the paintings that are all over Asakusa. I love Asakusa so much.

The next day we went to Harajuku one last time and it was raining so no pictures sorry!!!


Japan Trip 2013 Part III

Grandma and I did a lot of things our self, cause Amy and her Husband (George) went on a day tour to mt. Fuji and Hakone. That same day I was invited to perform on Utsumi Midori's online TV show as a guest from Japan. Grandma and I explored the town of Nakameguro while we waited for the show to begin. We found a Book-Off store where I got to buy Enka CDs for only 100yen which is about One Dollar each.

The show was really cute and had a very family and homey feel to it. Utusmi Midori I've known for a while from her appearances on Monomane shows as a judge and the movies her Husband produces. I had such a great time there. I got to sing Bokyo Jonkara and Koga Sensei (Kobayashi Sachiko's Voice Coach) gave me good criticizem about my voice. Luckily he told me the only thing to improve on was to raise the Microphone to my mouth when I speak or else no one can hear me. I was super happy. Grandma even got to appear on the show! I also performed with my new Green Kimono that I had bought in Asakusa the day right before that.

Japan Trip 2013 Part II

The days following Amy's NAK performance. We went to one of my favorite places to shop, Harajuku! I love Takeshita Street for all their cheap fashions and awesome items that you can't normally find on Hawaii. Daiso has to be one of my favorite stores for the their bargains and interesting odds-and-ends. Amy also came with us to go shopping. We bought so many things from all over!

Asakusa is also one of my favorite places to go shopping for tradition items such as Kimono, Obi, Sensu etc.  Actually there is a bit of back story... Let me back up just a bit...

The plan for that day was to perform on the street corner of Yoyogi Koen in Harajuku. The problem was that I had forgotten that my computer headphone jack was broken and so when we got there of
coarse the music did not work. So we had to return to the hotel to transfer the music files from the computer to my mp3 player. Note that I was wearing a kimono and I had everyone wear Hawaiian looking clothes so we'd look different from the rest of the crowd.. So returning on the train with a Kimono, a boombox, and a parade of Hawaiians following me looked kinda odd.. hehehe

So instead of going to Harajuku everyone thought it would be nice to go to Asakusa and try there. WE GOT HIT WITH LUCK! In Asakusa there is a Music store called Youroudou (ヨーロー堂) where I've shopped before to buy Enka CDs. Well walking by the shop a man and woman who work there remembered me from last year when I performed in NAK and told me that I could sing two songs in front of their store. So I sang Nishio Yuki's Yanzarae and my original song Koukai no Umi. They were so nice and I had a great time!

After that we went to Naka-mise in Asakusa to return to my favorite Kimono shop called "Oshida." The lady who owns that shop remembered me and allowed me to sing in front of her shop as well. I sang Shimazu Aya's Enka Zakura. We was so nice and I bought two new kimon from her. One green one with waves on it and a white one with Two Kabuki on it. She even gives us all gifts when we go there.

Asakusa turned out to be better than performing in Harajuku.

Japan Trip 2013 part I

Amy Katsumoto (my godmother) was the 2012 Kzoo Radio grand champion. She will be competing in the upcoming 2013 Nippon Amateur Kayosai (NAK).

Cause she is my godmother our whole family must venture to Japan with her. Grandma, George (Amy's Husband), Sharon Ansai (AuntyCamera) and David (Sharon's Husband) accompanied Amy on her trip. Oh and of coarse I was there as well.

Last year my representative from Kzoo Radio was Misa Uyehara, this year Amy's representative was miss Mutusmi Omatsu. She was very kind and even went to Karaoke with us the day before Amy's big competition.

The competition went well, although Amy did not win she did receive
great feedback from the judges. Amy looked beautiful this year on that big stage with her sexy black dress and big Hawai`ian flowers in her hair. Thanks to me, (hehehe!) I did her hair and makeup cause I'm just that talented! lol Joking! I also got to meet the entertainment this year which was very awesome! Fukuda Kouhei who is the singer of now hit song in Japan called Nanbusemi Shigure. Out of all the guest singers my favorite was Uchida Akari. I knew about her since I was young because of her song "Ukiyou-e no Machi." This year her new song "Konya Dake," was very popular that is why she was a guest singer. I had a lot of fun back stage with a lot of the other contestants.