Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Japan Trip 2013 part I

Amy Katsumoto (my godmother) was the 2012 Kzoo Radio grand champion. She will be competing in the upcoming 2013 Nippon Amateur Kayosai (NAK).

Cause she is my godmother our whole family must venture to Japan with her. Grandma, George (Amy's Husband), Sharon Ansai (AuntyCamera) and David (Sharon's Husband) accompanied Amy on her trip. Oh and of coarse I was there as well.

Last year my representative from Kzoo Radio was Misa Uyehara, this year Amy's representative was miss Mutusmi Omatsu. She was very kind and even went to Karaoke with us the day before Amy's big competition.

The competition went well, although Amy did not win she did receive
great feedback from the judges. Amy looked beautiful this year on that big stage with her sexy black dress and big Hawai`ian flowers in her hair. Thanks to me, (hehehe!) I did her hair and makeup cause I'm just that talented! lol Joking! I also got to meet the entertainment this year which was very awesome! Fukuda Kouhei who is the singer of now hit song in Japan called Nanbusemi Shigure. Out of all the guest singers my favorite was Uchida Akari. I knew about her since I was young because of her song "Ukiyou-e no Machi." This year her new song "Konya Dake," was very popular that is why she was a guest singer. I had a lot of fun back stage with a lot of the other contestants.

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