Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Japan Trip 2013 Part IV

So we were gonna go to Odaiba's Oedo Onsen Monogatari but we couldn't go into the Onsen because of grandma's tattoo on her leg. In Japan I forgot that you can't go to an onsen if you have an "Horimono," which is a Tattoo, because of the Yakuza. Well let's get one thing straight - grandma is NOT a Yakuza (Japanese Mafia!) hehe! The Tattoo is of cartoon character Betty Boop... So we couldn't go to the onsen. I
kinda was being Wagamama (bratty) and was mad that we couldn't go. Oh well..

So instead the following day we went to Asakusa again and ate Ramen at my favorite shop called "ARASHI RAMEN." After we were done eating I decided to run to my favorite music shop Yorodo and just so happens that Uesugi Kaori (enka singer) is there and we get to get her autograph and take a picture with her. Yomenaki Misaki is her new song that's doing really good in Japan right now.

After that we went back to Nakamise and grandma got to see the Kannon temple and pray. We even got out Mikuji. Mine was good at first then was junk so had to pray to get the bad away from me. We fooled around the streets playing and taking pictures with the paintings that are all over Asakusa. I love Asakusa so much.

The next day we went to Harajuku one last time and it was raining so no pictures sorry!!!

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