Tuesday, July 30, 2013

One Plus One Drive Inn, Mo'ili'ili

The other day my family and I went on an outing, well not necessarily an outing but just to get out of the house. For summer break my cousin, Aliyah from Palau stayed with us. So staying in the house would be a waste of summer!

Uncle Adam and Aunty Arleen always talked about this restaurant and how good it is, but I never even thought about going in it. I go to Mo'ili'ili  a lot to go to Toma's Karaoke and the Japanese Cultural Center so I've seen it but just never

have been in it...
It's very tiny but has a very homey feel to it. The food is actually really cheap and the flavors were really awesome as well. I had their Garlic BBQ Chicken (cause I'm a vegetarian and  all) with sriracha sauce on the side, and it was delicious.

We all had mini plates but it was filled, packed even with meat. There was a lot of protein! So basically like most plate lunch places we have here on the island it comes with the main dish which in my case was the BBQ Garlic Chicken on chopped cabbage. The sides always being a Local Custom, Rice and Mac-Salad!
I love Mac Salad so much but it's soooooo bad for my diet!

So if you're passing though Mo'ili'ili make sure to stop by One Plus One Drive Inn!