Sunday, September 15, 2013

no more sugar!

"Three tails, are better than one," - Mr.Adam. aka my uncle.

So Alina (my cousin, the one my grandma and I babysit) came today wearing a tail. After hearing the story from Uncle Adam we later found out that he had given her sugar today which caused her to rip his fur rug and use the pieces for a tail. If that's not bad enough; now we had to watch her.

Today she was just little devil child from hell just terrorizing the entire house, not listening, and breaking things. Knowing she loves to to swim and the pool was closed today - so we decided to use the big organization box to make a home-made swimming pool in our shower just so we could keep her under control.

We had the big stereo in there and surprised that she really (just like her big
Cousin) likes Taylor Swift's 22. Playing in the tub she calmed down and bit and I got to deep condition her hair. Out the tub she was good for a whole 2 minutes.

It was a horrible day, I just wanted to pull all the hair from my head out cause she was just that crazy today. NO MORE SUGAR FOR YOU!

DIY Ombre

So recently I've been trying to keep up with trends in Fashion and one place I really love to start is YouTube.Usually references there are relevant to current and social events. So since I'm such a computer geek and not a hipster (because hipsters don't admit to being hipster because that's too main streem) I always know which YouTube stars to tune into for certain kinds of Comedy, or topics.

I'm such a fan of MichellePhan... don't judge me.. Hehe~! On YouTube she is the Queen of Makeup Tutorials and recently the founder and owner of EM make up. That link will take you to her Official Make Up website.

Anyways... going off topic just a bit - I noticed some D.I.Y. (aka Do it yourself) videos on the related bar on the side of her videos. There were a lot of Nail videos and I watched a lot of intricate designs for hours until I stumbled onto Ombre designs. I was completely  unaware of what that even meant, but I knew of the style.

For hours and hours I sat in amazement watching people take ordinary clothes and turning it into works of art - mostly using different colored dyes. Even found one video where they made Ombre clothes with Bleach and water. The video was very low quality and the techniques were very unprofessional but the turn out was very awesome.

I own a lot of black clothes (because of body issues) so I knew that bleach would be really awesome on them I tried some light blue plaid, and plain green but the turn out was not as nice as the Blue Tank Top, Denim Shorts, and my new favorite black buttoned shirt. I really Love this look and every time I wear it; people always tell me how awesome the shirt is! I recently took a picture of my house at dusk and I noticed how it looks like an Ombre sky!

I wish I could Ombre style shoes... hmmm... well you know what? I actually might try some of that cause I think it might look pretty 'dope,' on some black shoes!

Anyways - hope to hear from everyone soon!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Friends are Awesome

SoOoOOooOoo... The other day my friend; Mika and I decided to go hang out in Kapolei for the day, well actually she needed to buy pink hair dye.

I was so excited because I haven't seen her in 5 months already. So it's very rare that I ever get to see her!

So well, we got on the bus not really knowing where we were going, the only thing we knew was that we were going to a store called: "Sally's Hair Salon."

So not knowing where we're going and note: both of us don't drive so, the bus is our only form of transportation you really need to know your trip or else you end up going to wrong stops..

Guess what we did!? Got off at the wrong stop -_- so we had to walk in the HOT Hawaiian sun in Mid-day across a freeway in Kapolei and we still don't know where we're going! It was like some higher being up above was punishing us! As we were walking we kept thinking about funny scenarios like if a Cop were to stop us for running around on the free way.See there were times when we had to run before the cars hit us, so it was like super dangerous!

Eventually we found her hair store and she bought her dye and then after she treated me to Genki Sushi! Awesomeness! Free Food, and Sushi! I LOVE MAGURO!

While this was all happening the song 22 by Taylor Swift was in my mind cause it reminded me how life is just awesome and we need to live while we're young! I'm only 17 so trying to live my life like someone my age would be doing!

Hope everyone else is having a great week too!!


For some reason; no matter how many times I clean my room, it always seems to get messy the very next day.

It seems like everyday I'm cleaning, and somehow it always gets messy slowly but surely. Stressing right now about keeping this room clean, like once it's clean I don't even wanna touch anything.

何度も、何度も 私はこの部屋に掃除をあらいますが その早後には又ぐちゃぐちゃにるにゃ!

この写真で わての顔ゃ ほんまに疲れやもん!今、人は部屋でいますたら - 大きなこえで「手をひいて!!!」をさけんでいます。