Sunday, September 15, 2013

DIY Ombre

So recently I've been trying to keep up with trends in Fashion and one place I really love to start is YouTube.Usually references there are relevant to current and social events. So since I'm such a computer geek and not a hipster (because hipsters don't admit to being hipster because that's too main streem) I always know which YouTube stars to tune into for certain kinds of Comedy, or topics.

I'm such a fan of MichellePhan... don't judge me.. Hehe~! On YouTube she is the Queen of Makeup Tutorials and recently the founder and owner of EM make up. That link will take you to her Official Make Up website.

Anyways... going off topic just a bit - I noticed some D.I.Y. (aka Do it yourself) videos on the related bar on the side of her videos. There were a lot of Nail videos and I watched a lot of intricate designs for hours until I stumbled onto Ombre designs. I was completely  unaware of what that even meant, but I knew of the style.

For hours and hours I sat in amazement watching people take ordinary clothes and turning it into works of art - mostly using different colored dyes. Even found one video where they made Ombre clothes with Bleach and water. The video was very low quality and the techniques were very unprofessional but the turn out was very awesome.

I own a lot of black clothes (because of body issues) so I knew that bleach would be really awesome on them I tried some light blue plaid, and plain green but the turn out was not as nice as the Blue Tank Top, Denim Shorts, and my new favorite black buttoned shirt. I really Love this look and every time I wear it; people always tell me how awesome the shirt is! I recently took a picture of my house at dusk and I noticed how it looks like an Ombre sky!

I wish I could Ombre style shoes... hmmm... well you know what? I actually might try some of that cause I think it might look pretty 'dope,' on some black shoes!

Anyways - hope to hear from everyone soon!

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