Sunday, September 15, 2013

no more sugar!

"Three tails, are better than one," - Mr.Adam. aka my uncle.

So Alina (my cousin, the one my grandma and I babysit) came today wearing a tail. After hearing the story from Uncle Adam we later found out that he had given her sugar today which caused her to rip his fur rug and use the pieces for a tail. If that's not bad enough; now we had to watch her.

Today she was just little devil child from hell just terrorizing the entire house, not listening, and breaking things. Knowing she loves to to swim and the pool was closed today - so we decided to use the big organization box to make a home-made swimming pool in our shower just so we could keep her under control.

We had the big stereo in there and surprised that she really (just like her big
Cousin) likes Taylor Swift's 22. Playing in the tub she calmed down and bit and I got to deep condition her hair. Out the tub she was good for a whole 2 minutes.

It was a horrible day, I just wanted to pull all the hair from my head out cause she was just that crazy today. NO MORE SUGAR FOR YOU!

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