Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Maui for Oyama Sensei

So this past weekend Grandma, Amy, and I got to go to Maui for a Good-bye Party for Rev. Oyama. I actually have a really awesome following on Maui, actually even I didn't know until I got there.

This performance was different; this time I had to put more feeling into
songs and understand the meaning of the lyrics so that I could let Rev. Oyama know how appreciated everyone was of him and his work.

I got to wear one of the new kimono I just bought in Asakusa this past
trip. It was also the same one I used when I was on Utsumi Midori's TV show. (Speaking of which is coming to Hawai`i soon)

So I sang only three songs and danced one..
1. Koganezawa Shoji - Arigatou...Kansha
2. Shimizu Mariko - Ozashiki Hole Hole Bushi
3. Maki Yuko - Ai wo Arigatou
and then Danced to TV Drama theme song "Hatarakiman Ondo."

Everyone on Maui is always so nice and welcoming, I really enjoy going there! I can't wait till I go again. I'm hoping that one day I will get to attend the Maui Matsuri! That always seems like fun!

To see all the pictures you can Check the Hikariyama Torao Official Facebook: Hikariyama Torao.

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