Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Zippy's with Grandma

By now everyone should know that I'm a Vegetarian but I can eat Chicken, Fish, and Turkey. By now everyone should know that I love going to restaurants, cause majority of the posts on this Blog are about eating places!

So today after a Doctor's Appointment in PearlCity grandma and I
decided to go get something to eat. So we had to decide to eat at Panda Express or Zippys. Either way I love both of their food, so I glad to go.

When I go to Zippy's my Favorite thing to eat is the Korean Fried
Chicken; but everytime I go there I eat the same thing. Today I decided to try something different. So I had their Regular Fried Chicken (basically the same thing!) with a side of fries.

You see I've had their fried chicken in the past before; but I dont remember it being so juicy. I wish I knew how they kept the inside of the chicken so moist! I know it's fattening, but I just had to!!!

After that grandma took me shopping around Pearl Ridge Shopping Center. I have a thing where I really love Graphic Print shirts. I actually really love the Justice League Characters in their Chibi form!
So I was so happy when I seen them on sale at Sears today! Grandma bought me three! They're so cute! Omg I Love them so much! Thanks Mama!!!!

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