Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Congratulations Kzoo Radio on carrying on the radio tradition for 50 whole years! This year's guest performers were more than awesome they were phenomenal. Mifune Kazuko, Kitayama Mitsuki and one of my favorite bands; Hiroshima! This year because I didn't get to perform I finally got to sit down and watch the rest of the competition.

From what I seen, there was so much new talent. One of the youngest
girls stood out to me; Aolani Silva. Up until this year I didn't know who she was - come to find out she takes from the same sensei. See when I perform at recitals I just sit backstage so I don't usually get to see the other performers.

Aolani sang Sakamoto Fuyumi's debut song Abare Daiko Muho Isshou
Iri. I was blown away by her beautiful Kobushi (singing style). Luckily she placed first in category with 440 points out of 500. I really hope that she'll sing a duet with me in the future cause I'm just so in Love with her voice.

The Guest singers from Japan were pretty cool as well. This singer Kitayama Mitsuki I never heard of, but when she sang her song "Anata no Egao Tutu Aloha," Amy and I couldn't help but run backstage to buy her CD. It was mixed with one of my favorite Hawaiian minyo song  - 'Hole Hole Bushi.'

The main guest singer Mifune Kazuko I knew of for a while. Her song Danna Sama is what made her very popular in Japan. My favorite song by her is Haha Zakura so I was so thrilled when I got her to sign my

This year's grand champion with 455.5 points Carolyn Shimamura was unbelievable. Grandma and I are such good friends with her. She sang Be Alive and in my opinion I think she sang it better than the original singer.

This is the Score;

GRAND CHAMPION:  Carolyn Shimamura   "Be Alive"   455.5 points

JUNIOR DIVISION (11 and under)
FIRST PLACE:  Aolani Silva  "Abare Daiko"  440 points
SECOND PLACE: Mari Shoop  "Asu To Iu Hi Ga"   411 points
THIRD PLACE:  Tegan Inoue  "Daite Kuretara Ii No Ni"   410 points

FIRST PLACE:  Kristen Mikami  "Aitakute Ima"   441 points
SECOND PLACE: Naomi Sano   "Aruite Yukou"   434 points
THIRD PLACE:  Tia Inoue   "Tsugaru Kaikyo Fuyugeshiki"   434 points

FIRST PLACE:   Hiroshi Sakurada   "Koi"   445 points
SECOND PLACE:  Kristine Ayson    "Hatsukoi"   444.5 points
THIRD PLACE:   Fred Hokada    "Sakaba No Rokudenashi"    444 points

FIRST PLACE:   Maelin Ibara    "Koi"   445 points
SECOND PLACE:  Susan Muramoto-Willy    "Nora"   435.5 points
THIRD PLACE:   Jenny Yoshimura    "Yuuwaku"    435 points

FIRST PLACE:   Louise Otani-Fu  "Nora"  404 points
SECOND PLACE:  Bea Shimabukuro  "Onna Tomodachi"   395 points
THIRD PLACE:   Richard Afuso   "Shiritaku Nai No"    394 points

Total possible points: 500
Score from Craig and Veda Shimizu

See everyone Next Year!