Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Making Kimono Sleeves 着物袖を作り

As a non-Japanese my body type is built very large. I have Tongan (Polynesian) blood so my shoulder tend to very broad. That is why it is hard to find kimono that fit my body type. Thank god I have grandma by my side. She is very great at sewing, so she knows how to make sleeves longer for me. What she normally does is take the sleeves off the Kimono it's self by removing the thread. She then
adds fabric (in this case - gold material) to the sleeve for length. The then reattaches the sleeve to the Kimono and that normally extends the length. Thank you grandma.

私の体型は日本人でわありません、トンガン(ポリネシアン)血が入いています。それから肩は幅広い。だから私のボディサイズと着物袖 同じサイズ探しは難しい。でも、私のおばあちゃんは縫いがよく分かる。たとえば、焚いて - 腕は長い、けど袖は短い。通常は -

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