Monday, February 24, 2014

Pearl City Band - Uta Matsuri 2014

**ATTENTION: AMY KATSUMOTO IS NOT MY GRANDMOTHER: CATHERINE APINA IS** (Some people needed clarification, cause the program was written funny)

お疲れ様でした!So February 22 and 23 Pearl City band held their annual Uta Matsuri at the Pearl City Cultural center. The program featured a 60 piece orchestra in which most were High School students. The band also featured members who were from the Royal Hawaii Band.

If you open the program from the event you will find brief summary on
how the Sakura Matsuri came into play. In 1993 the event was created and directed by the late Lorraine Kaneshiro, it was continued under the stewardship of Michael Nakasone, and  it is run by Mrs.Jenny Watanabe and Mr. Chadwick Kamei. This year the band consisted of  students from Campbell, Castle, Kailua, Kalani, Kapolei, Mililani, and Pearl City high Schools. Even included professional dancers from Hanayagi Mitsusumi Dance studio and Hawaii Matsuri Taiko.

Something that I found interesting is that the conductor (Sanford Masada) has played for many artists such as Itsuki Hiroshi, Mori Shinichi, Minami Haruo, Suizenji Kiyoko, Kadokawa Hiroshi, and Murata Hideo. That must have been to meet such awesome performers.

Here is the list of performances with the singer's name and the song title just in case you missed the actual performance.

HAYASHI: The entire show was opened up with a as usual excellent performance from the Hawaii Matsuri Taiko. They always have a great way of getting people excited.

Sutekina Rendezvous: sung by the Entire cast. The band started the whole song with a loud Timpani which got my heart ready to perform. They took the song and made it a little more exciting with that. We all got the audience to clap their hands as we paid tribute to the late Misora Hibari.

Sakura Yo: sung by Recording Artist and Vocal Teacher Dennis Oshiro. The dramatic number was accompanied by even more dramatic music. His hand gestures and performing skills as always excellent.

Kanashimi Honsen Nihon Kai: sung by Jean Okuno. Jean's cover of Mori Masako's Meikyoku was beautiful. She sounded just like Mori
Masako did when she closed the Kouhaku years ago. Her dress was a sparkly blue, hair and make up was on point as well.

Kokoro no Ito: sung by Chirstyn, Cheridryn and Chlairyn Okuno. The three sisters took and beautiful stance on the song. As you know the original song was sung by Sakamoto Fuyumi, Fuji Ayako, Godai Natsuko, Kozai kaori, and
Nagayama Yoko for the victims of the Kobe Earthquake (Hanshin) of 1995. The song was an Aid song - so everytime I hear it I can't help but cry. The three girls stood beautifully on stage all in Kimono and sung their hearts out!

Yaku Jima: sung by Blane Mitsunami accompanied by Hanayagi Mitsusumi Dance Studio dancers; consisted of  Matassa Seiko, Kimoto Kimiko, Ota Fumiye, Fujitani Hanayo, Shishido Yumi, Fujitani Haruko, Asato Shigeko, Tokairin Teiko, Tamura Yoshimi, and Teraizumi Emiko. Yaku Jima Originally sung by Hosokawa Takashi - I believe Blane did an excellent cover! The Dancers really made it pop! With his fancy Hakama and green kimono this was defiantly a

Mado: beautifully sung by Mrs.Jenny Watanabe. As the directer of the entire show she has so many responsibility so I have no idea how she finds time to get ready and look that beautiful on stage! Her Black gown was so magnificent the stars would envy her. Her voice shows so much emotion: she did a great job as well!

Koi wa Tenka no Mawari Mono:  sung by Nora Sekigawa was awesome. Most of the songs in the first half were pretty slow so she picked up the pace by singing this upbeat number originally by Ishikawa Sayuri. Nora did an excellent job when the song breaks down and stops and it goes into a full all out Acapella traditional sounding "kouta."

Sakaba no Rokudenashi: sung by me! Hikariyama Torao. The band did an awesome job! Always
excellent. I used a suit which is uncommon for me - usually I use Kimono but this was a Kayokyoku song so I tried to fit the role. I had so much fun especially because last year I had tonsillitis so I've been waiting for a year now to get ready! I'm actually planning out my song already for next year! Ahh! I'm so Happy!

Koiji (Tabi): sung by Mrs. Jill Teraizumi. I keep forgetting to ask her who sings that song cause I can tell you she did such a beautiful job I feel inspired to sing it too! She came on stage with a long Uchikake on. She never looked for beautiful. Well, she was a Sakura Queen after all.. She just looks good all the time. Excellent Job!

Sayonara wo Mou Ichido: by my Sensei Craig Shimizu. One phrase that suit sensei "True Performer." He knows how to sing, has beautiful stage prescience, and knows how to keep the audiences' attention. Okizawa Kiyohiko couldn't touch Shimizu Sensei's vocal talent.

Hana ni Nare: sung by Kyoko Sano who also was the mistress of ceremonies sang a beautiful cover of Tagawa Toshimi's Hana ni Nare which talks about women getting older. She also has a way of keeping the audience's attention. Her vocals are always on point and clear. Her motions on the stage reflects the beautiful person she is.

Gunkawa March: was then played by the band right before the intermission.

----- intermission------

Hawaii Matsuri Taiko then opened the second half with Yodan Uchi followed by the band's version of Oka wo Koete.

Hoshizora no Akiko:  sung by recording artist and vocal sensei Dennis Oshiro. The Hikawa Kiyoshi cover was accompanied by: Kimoto Kimiko, Matassa Seiko,Teraizumi Emiko, Fujitani Hanayo, Fujitani Haruko, Tamura Yoshimi, and Tokairin Teiko. Great way to start the singers off with a upbeat song.

Kaikyo no Yado: beautifully sung by Edna Tomita. Whoah I was blown away by this performance. Edna is such a soft spoken woman  so I was so surprised when I heard her sing Godai Natsuko's Kaikyo no Yado so powerfully and with so much soul. Geez this woman could be a recording artist! Loved it.

Kampai: sung by Glenn Okuno was beautiful. He has such a clear voice. Very excellent and his photography skills are awesome as well. Very talented man! I enjoyed this performance as well!

Toki no Nagare ni Mi wo Makase: sung by Jennifer Asato. This is the first time I've got to meet Jennifer and I can tell you she is such a sweet girl and very homey as well. When I say that I mean I feel very comfortable when I was speaking with her. Her version of Teresa Teng's Toki no Nagare ni mi wo Makase was unbeatable. Best version I've heard. Her Kimono was awesome too. I was surprised I've never seen a Kimono with a Rose on top of it. The Black at the bottom of the Kimono and and Sleeves was a beautiful touch as well! Enjoyed this.

Ippon Zuri was cancelled because Jerre Tokairin had gotten sick. Her doctor advised her to not sing for the sake of her voice. Normally she does an awesome job, so we missed out. Please get better soon Jerre I miss your strong and powerful voice grabbing everyone's attention! She is a truly awesome performer as well!

Oretachi no Toki: sung by Clyde Mikuni. This Minami Issei cover was beautifully done. Clyde's voice matches this song so well. If you close your eyes you would think he was the original singer of this song. His pink sparkly vest was so cool, Hehe I would use it myself! Awesome Job!

Abare Daiko ~Muhou Isshou Iri~  sung by Aolani Sylva must have been the star of the show. The very first note of "Douse Shinu tokya.." was so beautifully done the audience broke out in too applause and cheers! Her Kobushi and Fushimawashi singing technique is the best I've ever heard! She has such a future for her if she keeps that up!

Fuyu Renka: sung by Cindy Kimoto. Her version of Fuyu Renka sung by Hanasaki Yumi was beautiful. I loved the drama she added by including her dance skills with the Kasa (umbrella) as she slowly walked in with black lacquered Geta really added so much effect to her song. I fell in love with the performance as well!

Mata Au Hi made: sung by once again my Sensei Craig Shimizu. He is always so talented. I wish I could be a great performer like him. I only heard this song from the Uta Matsuri after sensei sang it and I'm telling you something - the first thing I did when I got home was download the karaoke so I could learn it myself!

Ai wo Shinjitai: sung by Kyoko Sano. It closed the Solo performances of the entire show. Kyoko Sano did awesome as usual. She adds so much emotion and soul into her songs as well. Her dress was beautiful, and so is her vocal skills. The Yashiro Aki cover was the best I've heard from Kyoko Sano.

Hawaii Matsuri Taiko had their final number Shu'on which has a really neat scream at the end that I love to do along side them when they do that.

Finally all of us cast member closed the Show with Nakamura Mitsuko' Kawachi Otoko Bushi!
Awesome performance, would recommend anyone to go! Loved it! Had a nice time! Come join us next year!

The Uta Matsuri Band consisted of ;
Flute: Austin Fernandez, Kristin Hasegawa, Jessica Hawpe, Kauri Koizumi, Naomi Lau, Christopher Ledesma, Monica Rios, Caitlin White, Nicole Xavier, Kaylie Yamaguchi, and Daniel Zane.
Clarinet: Victoria Atchinson, Ahzelle Atianzar, Ariana Dolan, Kira Dolan, Maribelle Fernandez, Danicia Honda, Sarah Kim, Garrett Lau, Julianne Matsumoto, Brent Noborikawa, Taryn Takanobu.
Alto Saxophone: Travis Akasaki, Casandra Acheta, Reeves Higashionna, Austin Morishita, Christopher Otsuka.
Tenor Saxophone: Lisa Chong, Brysen Iwahashi, Ryan Murakami-Nakai, and Kelli Ann ulep.
Baritone Saxophone: Jason Cacatian, and Skyler Dela Cruz.
Oboe: Colby Pacupac.
Bassoon: Justin Bautista, and Elizabeth Tsusaki
Bass Clarinet: Nicholas Tamura, and Torilyn Tom.
Trumpet: Jeffrey Caballes, Storm Sano, Kalyn Miyasato, Jacob Plan, Tate Sakamoto, Nicholas Takehara, Kayla Yamada and Rayson Yamada.
Trombone: Justin Cardeno, Deshay Cloemons, Mario Formisano, Kaenuenue Hayashi, Leighton Martin, Alexander Padrina, and Kaipo Tani
Percussion: Kyle Akamine, Karli Fukushima, Joshua-Jacob Mauricio, and Kariza Nolasco
Tuba: Evan Higa, Kathlyn Knudson, and Anastacia White
Guitar: Andrew Simbahon
Piano: Steven Agasa
Synthesizer: Joe Pacheco
Drum Set: John Sabugo
Bass: Joseph Burruso and Derek Higashi
Conductor: Sanford Masada