Sunday, April 27, 2014

iTunes and CDbaby

Hey Minna-san!

If you're interested in ordering my NEW single: Akai Tsuki c/w Hitori Aruku or Hoshi no Hashi you can now purchase on iTunes Apple Music Store and on CDbaby! Just look for 光山虎夫 Hikariyama Torao.

If you buy from iTunes my full digital copy of the CD is only $4.95 and if you order the physical copy from CDbaby you can purchase it for $9.95.

If the computer is not your taste in purchasing music you can contact Craig Shimizu of the Shimizu Voice studio in Palama at (808) 848-0917. You can also pick it up from Toma Karaoke in Mo'ili'ili at (808) 947-7022!  As usual you guys, thank you for all the support. 

Trying to sell an Enka CD in Hawaii isn't the easiest. I still do not have a record company and I am doing this all by myself with the help of friends and family. One day maybe someone will find me!


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hitori Aruku ひとり歩く

Hitori Aruku  is about a relationship which is failing. Hitori Aruku means "Walk Alone." This is one of the first Kayokyoku songs I've written and my favorite song on the new CD.  I got my inspiration from a song by Air Supply called "Making love out of nothing at all." It talked about how he could do whatever to make someone happy, but it's up to them to accept it. In my song Hitori Aruku the lyrics read "The Sky and Water are together even though I cannot see you; Who's ever fault it I don't want to because your happiness is my number one priority."

ひとり歩く - ひとり歩くはふたりの悲しい別れ。この歌は私の初めての歌謡曲ですが、新しいCDから一番好きな曲。私 INSPIRATION はAIRSUPPLY(歌手)のMAKING LOVE OUT OF NOTHING AT ALL(曲)から。ひとり歩くの歌詞は「空と海が重なるように けれど、もうあなたには会えない。誰のせいなのか、もう知りたくない - あなたの幸せが一番大事だから。」それはひとり歩く。

The Making of Akai Tsuki (Hikariyama Torao)

So my new CD: Akai Tsuki c/w Hitori Aruku & Hoshi no Hashi.
I'm selling in for $10 at Toma Karaoke (808) 947-7022 & Shimizu Voice Studi (808)848-0917

All songs are written and sung by me (Hikariyama Torao).
Heres how my song process works.

Akai Tsuki & Hitori Aruku - Each song is made out of inspiration I get from personal experience or things I find in nature. Here in Hawaii, even though most of it is very industrialized you can still find many things that are beautiful in this world. For example today I caught a glimpse of the red evening sky from the bus. I write all of the songs on Piano and then show it to Craig Shimizu, from there creates the musical arrangement. 

Akai Tsuki is about a fiery relationship. The Lyrics read "burn burn, my body and heart; If you leave me tonight I will not have a tomorrow." It shows the passion and intensity of a relationship. The electric guitar and rhythmic drum beat will add to the feeling. 

Hitori Aruku on the other hand is about a relationship which is failing. Hitori Aruku means "Walk Alone." This is one of the first Kayokyoku songs I've written.  I got my inspiration from a song by Air Supply called "Making love out of nothing at all." It talked about how he could do whatever to make someone happy, but it's up to them to accept it. In my song Hitori Aruku the lyrics read "The Sky and Water are together even though I cannot see you; Who's ever fault it I don't want to because your happiness is my number one priority."

Hoshi no Hashi aka "Bridge of Stars," original lyrics were written by Catherine who may know as my grandmother who attends all of my performances and always supports me through everything. She originally wrote a poem a long time ago with the same title about her mother and sister who both passed away around the same time. At that time my grandmother was also diagnosed with breast cancer and she was left to raise my brother. myself. and our 6 dogs. 
The absence of both parents made it hard for her, many days she had to "gaman," and just bare with the pain she carried. I was very young at the time and I never understood what was going on. She never complained about anything; she would just wipe away her tears and raise us. At night when she was lonely she would look up at the stars and wish that she could see her mother and sister one more time. The song lyrics read "Like a Flower that blooms, my heart bloomed for you. One day a cold wind came and scattered the petals. Tonight's Bridge of Stars - does it lead to you? You're not here. That is why, I'm doing whatever I can to get to Heaven's door."
After she wrote out the lyrics in English, I translated them into Japanese and corrected by Kyoko Sano from Mele Music Records. 

After all of my songs are written Kyoko Sano from Mele Music Records and Kzoo Radio corrects my lyrics for proper Japanese Grammatical structure. Recorded with Elymar Macadangdang from Thirst4Worst productions. 
The photos and graphic design are done by Catherine (Grandma) and myself. 
The digital files are then sent to and prossesed.
Mega-Distribution through, iTunes, Amazon Music, Spoofy etc.
Thank you for reading guys! Let me know what you think!
You can check out my official Website:

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

星の橋 (歌詞) - 光山虎夫 (テビタ・アピナ)

オリジナル英語歌詞:キャサリン・アピナ (Catherine Apina)

花が咲く如く 心よ咲け
冷たい風吹き 花びら 乱れ散る
また今日も 君の名を 呼んでいる
あの日に 君なくし もう戻らない

目覚めの時 君の笑顔想い 
永遠(いつも)心の隅 忘れたくない。。。

今夜の星の橋 あなたへ 続いていますか?
ここに 君は いません
だから だから 何度も名を呼んで
天国のドア ああ、 むかえに行きたい。
今日は 別れの日 涙 止まらない
何も見えない 涙が止まらない
風が頬くすぐり 葉を揺らす音
甘い風 あれは あなたの声ですか?

聞こえますか 私の声が?
風よ吹け 君の声 聞きたい。。。

今夜の星の橋 あなたは見えますか?
あなたに あなたに 星の橋 見えたなら
天国のドア ああ 今、開いて

明日への星の橋 あなたへ届け
君の想い出を この胸に
心と夜空を つないで欲しい
天国のドア ああ、もう一度手をつなごう。。。

Hoshi no Hashi (Lyrics) - Hikariyama Torao (Tevita Apina) Bridge of Stars

Hoshi no Hashi
Sung by Hikariyama Torao
Music, Lyrics and Translations by Hikariyama Torao
Original English Lyrics by Catherine Correa
Japanese Language Leadership by Kyoko Sano (Mele Music)
Musical Arrangement by Craig Shimizu (Shimizu Voice)

Hana ga Saku Gotoku Kokoro yo Sake
Tsumetai Kaze Fuki Hanabira Midare Chiru
Mata Kyomo Kimi no Na wo Yonde Iru
Ano Hi ni Kimi nakushi Mou Modoranai

Mezame no Toki Kimi no Egao Omoi
Itsumo Kokoro no Sumi Wasuretakunai

Konya no Hoshi no Hashi anata e Tsuzuite Imasuka?
Koko ni Kimi wa Imasen
Dakara Dakara nandomo Na wo yonde
Tengoku no DOA Ah, Mukaeni Ikitai

Kyo wa Wakare no Hi Namida Tomaranai
Nami mo Mienai Namida ga Tomaranai
Kaze ga Hoho Kusuguri Ha wo Yurasu Oto
Amai Kaze Are wa Anata no Koe desuka?

Kikoemasuka Watashi no Koe ga?
Kaze yo Fuke Kimi no Koe Kikitai

Konya no Hoshi no hashi Anata wa Miemasuka?
Kimi wa Mou Inai keredo
Anata ni Anata ni Hoshi no Hashi Mietanara
Tengoku no DOA Ah, Ima, Hiraite

Ashita he no Hoshi no Hashi Anata e Todoke
Kimi no Omoide wo Kono Mune ni
Kokoro to Yozora wo Tsunaide Hoshii
Tengoku no DOA Ah, Mou Ichido Te wo Tsunago

ひとり歩く(歌詞)— 光山虎夫 (テビタ・アピナ)


裸足で 寂しく 浜辺を ひとり歩く 
あなたへの想い ひとり歩く 
あなたが どこへ行っても 誰に出会っても 

あなたはいない 泪が止まらない 
あなたの温もり 今、逢いたい

寂しい男の溜息 泪と辛さと 
あの愛もう一度抱いたなら 私ずっと離さない

運命(さだめ)があまりに 哀しい

だれのせいなのか もう知りたくない 

寂しい男の溜息 泪と辛さと 
あの愛もう一度抱いたなら 私ずっと離さない

寂しい男の溜息 泪と辛さと 

Hitori Aruku (Lyrics) - Hikariyama Torao (Tevita Apina)

Hitori Aruku
Sung by Hikariyama Torao
Music and Lyrics by Hikariyama Torao
Japanese Language Leadership from Kyoko Sano (Mele Music)
Musical Arrangement: Craig Shimizu (Shimizu Voice)

Hadashi de Samishiiku Hamabe wo Hitori Aruku
Anata he no Omoi Hitori Aruku
Anata ga Dokoe Ittemo Dare ni Deatte mo
Watashi wo wasurenaide kudasai

Anata wa inai, Namida ga tomaranai
Anata no Nukumori Ima, Aitai

Samishii Otoko no Tameiki Namida to Tsurasato
Ano Ai mou Ichido daitanara 
Watashi Zutto Hanasanai

Sora to Umi ga Kasanaru youni
Keredo mou Anata ni wa Aenai
Watashi wa shittemasu, anata wa modoranai
Sadame ga amari ni Kanashii

Dare no Sei nanoka Mou Shiritakunai
Anata no Shiawase ga Ichiban Daiji dakara

Samishii Otoko no tameiki Namida to Tsurasato
Ano Ai mou Ichido Daitanara
Watashi Zutto Hanasanai

Samishii Otoko no Tameiki Namida to Tsurasato
Ima, Aitai.. Aitai Anata..
Ima, Aitai.. Aitai Anata...  

紅い月(歌詞)— 光山虎夫 (テビタ・アピナ)


燃えて 燃えて 心も体も
燃えて 燃えて ああ、紅い月

夜桜アー 咲いた 月あかりの下で
私も同じ 心が咲く
だから死ぬまで 私 離さない
燃えて 燃えて 吐息も体も
燃えて 燃えて ああ、紅い月

今夜 あなたと別れたら
燃えて 燃えて 私の心
燃えて 燃えて ああ、紅い月

ひとり荒野で 傷を抱いて
夜空へ 叫ぶ あなたの名前
燃えて 燃えて 心も体も
燃えて もえて ああ、紅い月

燃えて もえて ああ、紅い月
紅い月。。。 紅い月。。。

Akai Tsuki (Lyrics) - Hikariyama Torao (Tevita Apina)

Akai Tsuki
Vocals by: Hikariyama Torao
Music and Lyrics by Hikariyama Torao
Japanese Leadership by Kyoko Sano (Mele Music records)
Musical Arrangement by Craig Shimizu (Shimizu Voice)

Moete Moete Kokoro mo Karada mo
Moete Moete ah, Akai Tsuki

Yozakura ah, Saita Tsuki Akari no Shita de
Watashi mo Onaji, Kokoro ga Saku
   Korega honto no Koi deshouka?
   Dakara, Shinumade Watashi Hanasanai
Moete Moete Toiki mo Karada mo
Moete Moete ah, Akai Tsuki

Konya - Anata to Wakaretara
Sore wa Sadame - watashi ni asu wa nai
   Soto wa Fubuki Sakura ga Fubuku
   Mune ga Midare - Inochi shin shin
Moete Moete Watashi no Kokoro
Moete Moete Ah, Akai Tsuki

   Hitori Kouya de Kizu wo daite
   Yozora he - sakebu Anata no Namae
Moete Moete Kokoro mo Karada mo
Moete Moete Ah, Akai Tsuki
Moete Moete Ah, Akai Tsuki
Akai Tsuki... Akai Tsuki...

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Kawaii Kon 2014

So this was my first year attending the Hawaii Convention Center's Kawaii Kon. If you're unfamiliar with Kawaii Kon it is basically a extremely large convention about Anime, Video games, Manga, Otaku stuff etc with guest from the mainland and Japan. The guess consist of Voice actors/actresses, artists and all sorts of talents. 

"Kawaii Kon is a 3 day Anime Convention and Conference dedicated to creating a broader awareness of, and appreciation for Japanese animation by celebrating the richness of the artform. 

Through cooperation with the community, Kawaii Kon hopes to facilitate growth of the anime, manga and related industries in Hawaii and beyond. In addition to providing a central event for fans and enthusiasts, Kawaii Kon seeks to become a vehicle for sharing and disseminating industry information. Kawaii Kon also provides the community and related industries the opportunity to network and conduct business.

Since our first convention in 2005, Kawaii Kon has grown to include thousands of annual attendees. Fans, artists and industry guests gather from all over the world for the 3-Day extravaganza.

 says the Kawaii Kon Official Home page.

When I was younger I enjoyed anime, but then I got busy with school, work, performing you know that kind of stuff. So when I attended I was so lost in what was going on. 

The first thing that I noticed was that a lot of people were in Cosplay. "Cosplay (コスプレ kosupure?), short for"costume play", is a performance art or hobby in which participants wear costumes andaccessories to represent a specific character or idea that is usually identified with a unique name," - Wikipedia
So since most people were in Cosplay I didn't feel too out of place when I wore my Kimono.

The opening ceremonies were pretty cool, everyone seemed so enthusiastic and supportive that the atmosphere was  just glowing! They also had a very famous guest there who isn't quite a real person. It's hard to explain but her name is "Hatsune Miku," she is a vocaloid. Oh gosh this is hard to explain, but it's a 3D person projected onto a special screen that makes an Anime girl with long light blue flowing hair appear as if she were really standing there in front of everyone.

I didn't even get into what I was doing there! haha Bryson (cousin) introduced me to the Convention because he had been attending for 6 years now. He told me that there is a Karaoke Competition and you know how competitive that I become. So earlier this year in March I auditioned with Sakamoto Fuyumi's Yozakura Oshichi and my audition group was then broken up into 3 top singers.

How to competition worked. January, February, and March held the Karaoke competition audition. Each group is then broken into 3 top singers, so once you pass the audition you are sent to the semi-finals at Kawaii Kon where the 9 remaining singers are then broken once again into a group of 3 singers. 

(From Left to Right) 
Judge - Cloud Cordill
Contestant - Matthew Miyasaka
Contestant - Taryn Takebayashi
Judge - Hannah Cordill
Judge - Alli Adachi
I won with Mononoke Hime (Anime) theme song, and Bokyo Jonkara by Hosokawa Takashi. I won such a cute gift with was what the box read as "smorkin labit." Basically it's a doll of a rabbit smoking that you could sign with a sharpie pen. My judges were Alli Adachi, Cloud Wheeler, and Hanna Cordill. My competition was two others; a beautiful young girl named Taryn Takebayashi and a young man named Matthew Miyasaka. Taryn had been trained in opera music thus she could hit the whistle register and had a awesome operatic vocal technique. Matthew had forgotten his CD so he had to sing acapella; he sang one of my favorite songs Sen no Kaze ni natte. Acapella is very hard keeping rhythm and key is very hard but he pulled it through and did an excellent job!

Kawaii Kon was awesome, Catherine Apina (Grandma), and Amy Katsumoto also came along to support me and to check everything out. Bryson and I stayed at the Ala Moana hotel and out microwave broke... but that's a different story!

Before I went to Kawaii Kon I said that I wasn't going to spend too much but on the first day I spent $200.. So much for saving money. At the end of the weekend Bryson and I both spent a collective amount of $500.
Was is worth it? YES! I will definitely be going once more next year!