Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hitori Aruku ひとり歩く

Hitori Aruku  is about a relationship which is failing. Hitori Aruku means "Walk Alone." This is one of the first Kayokyoku songs I've written and my favorite song on the new CD.  I got my inspiration from a song by Air Supply called "Making love out of nothing at all." It talked about how he could do whatever to make someone happy, but it's up to them to accept it. In my song Hitori Aruku the lyrics read "The Sky and Water are together even though I cannot see you; Who's ever fault it I don't want to because your happiness is my number one priority."

ひとり歩く - ひとり歩くはふたりの悲しい別れ。この歌は私の初めての歌謡曲ですが、新しいCDから一番好きな曲。私 INSPIRATION はAIRSUPPLY(歌手)のMAKING LOVE OUT OF NOTHING AT ALL(曲)から。ひとり歩くの歌詞は「空と海が重なるように けれど、もうあなたには会えない。誰のせいなのか、もう知りたくない - あなたの幸せが一番大事だから。」それはひとり歩く。

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