Sunday, April 27, 2014

iTunes and CDbaby

Hey Minna-san!

If you're interested in ordering my NEW single: Akai Tsuki c/w Hitori Aruku or Hoshi no Hashi you can now purchase on iTunes Apple Music Store and on CDbaby! Just look for 光山虎夫 Hikariyama Torao.

If you buy from iTunes my full digital copy of the CD is only $4.95 and if you order the physical copy from CDbaby you can purchase it for $9.95.

If the computer is not your taste in purchasing music you can contact Craig Shimizu of the Shimizu Voice studio in Palama at (808) 848-0917. You can also pick it up from Toma Karaoke in Mo'ili'ili at (808) 947-7022!  As usual you guys, thank you for all the support. 

Trying to sell an Enka CD in Hawaii isn't the easiest. I still do not have a record company and I am doing this all by myself with the help of friends and family. One day maybe someone will find me!


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