Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Making of Akai Tsuki (Hikariyama Torao)

So my new CD: Akai Tsuki c/w Hitori Aruku & Hoshi no Hashi.
I'm selling in for $10 at Toma Karaoke (808) 947-7022 & Shimizu Voice Studi (808)848-0917

All songs are written and sung by me (Hikariyama Torao).
Heres how my song process works.

Akai Tsuki & Hitori Aruku - Each song is made out of inspiration I get from personal experience or things I find in nature. Here in Hawaii, even though most of it is very industrialized you can still find many things that are beautiful in this world. For example today I caught a glimpse of the red evening sky from the bus. I write all of the songs on Piano and then show it to Craig Shimizu, from there creates the musical arrangement. 

Akai Tsuki is about a fiery relationship. The Lyrics read "burn burn, my body and heart; If you leave me tonight I will not have a tomorrow." It shows the passion and intensity of a relationship. The electric guitar and rhythmic drum beat will add to the feeling. 

Hitori Aruku on the other hand is about a relationship which is failing. Hitori Aruku means "Walk Alone." This is one of the first Kayokyoku songs I've written.  I got my inspiration from a song by Air Supply called "Making love out of nothing at all." It talked about how he could do whatever to make someone happy, but it's up to them to accept it. In my song Hitori Aruku the lyrics read "The Sky and Water are together even though I cannot see you; Who's ever fault it I don't want to because your happiness is my number one priority."

Hoshi no Hashi aka "Bridge of Stars," original lyrics were written by Catherine who may know as my grandmother who attends all of my performances and always supports me through everything. She originally wrote a poem a long time ago with the same title about her mother and sister who both passed away around the same time. At that time my grandmother was also diagnosed with breast cancer and she was left to raise my brother. myself. and our 6 dogs. 
The absence of both parents made it hard for her, many days she had to "gaman," and just bare with the pain she carried. I was very young at the time and I never understood what was going on. She never complained about anything; she would just wipe away her tears and raise us. At night when she was lonely she would look up at the stars and wish that she could see her mother and sister one more time. The song lyrics read "Like a Flower that blooms, my heart bloomed for you. One day a cold wind came and scattered the petals. Tonight's Bridge of Stars - does it lead to you? You're not here. That is why, I'm doing whatever I can to get to Heaven's door."
After she wrote out the lyrics in English, I translated them into Japanese and corrected by Kyoko Sano from Mele Music Records. 

After all of my songs are written Kyoko Sano from Mele Music Records and Kzoo Radio corrects my lyrics for proper Japanese Grammatical structure. Recorded with Elymar Macadangdang from Thirst4Worst productions. 
The photos and graphic design are done by Catherine (Grandma) and myself. 
The digital files are then sent to and prossesed.
Mega-Distribution through, iTunes, Amazon Music, Spoofy etc.
Thank you for reading guys! Let me know what you think!
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