Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Shimizu Voice Studio Spring Recital 2014: Frozen in Spring

Aloha Everyone,

This past Sunday was the Shimizu Voice Studio Student Spring Recital at the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii. My voice has been acting up recently so unfortunately I was unable to perform my normal half time spot by myself due to the condition of my voice. To help me with the hard notes Amy Katsumoto the 2012 Kzoo Grand Champion  helped me sing all duets.

Before I start ranting about my half time, let me talk about how great the show turned out. So I've been attending the Shimizu Voice Studio for about 6 years now and I can say most defiantly that the show has grown and become more elegant every
year. I mean after all Craig Shimizu Sensei doesn't just teach voice, but a variety of stage presence as well, I think that's what sets him apart from the other Music teachers here on Oahu.

I was very impressed by the Young and New students on how well their vocals and stage presence was. I enjoyed the theme this year, especially because the song selection from the movie Frozen had such a wide variety.

My half time with Amy Katsumoto was awesome as usual. Amy has such a Low Voice and so strong, we sang three duets which included: Bungo Suido by Kawanaka Miyuki, Toki no Nagare ni Mi wo Makase by Teresa Teng, and Naniwa Koi Shigure by Oka Chiaki and Miyako Harumi.  My voice was more like a 75% there than it usually is. Luckily Amy was there to help me along.Amy and I closed the entire show with a Duet called: Futari de Kampai. I was pleased that my voice wasn't too shot to sing.

I would like to specially thank the Shimizu Voice studio for allowing me to sell my CDs at the performance,
the Shimizu Family for always supporting me from when I was you, Catherine Apina for stage costumes and support through out the years, and Amy Katsumoto for support and helping with my half time show.

Hikariyama Torao

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