Sunday, June 22, 2014

Ewa Hongwanji Bon Dance

Obon Season has started in Hawai`i, well actually about a week ago at Waipahu's Plantation Village. Went to that with Amy Katsumoto and something interesting; this year the venue was a little different. Normally they have the Bon Odori in the parking lot but this year they actually moved it into the museum.

That wow factor that Waipahu's Plantation Village had was that they used the old store replicas as actual stores for that night. They sold all hand made items I'm figuring made by the people who work there. Very nice people.

Even the Hachimaki (towels) were really awesome cause they had the old Arakawa Store's Palaka print on them and it even said "Waipahu Plantation Village."

Last night - Amy Katsumoto, Bryson Pacheco and I went to the Bon Dance in Ewa Beach. Usually we bring grandma but she couldn't make it cause she was too tired.. I took a little bit of Bon Dance classes to know some of the dances - but I only took to learn how to dance to Soto dances not Hongwanji Dances so I was so lost in so many of the songs. This was also Bryson's first year attending a Bon Dance so it was interesting to watch both of us tumble around the Yagura not knownig what we we're doing.

Ewa Hongwanji's Taiko group is actually really great as well, they play Fukushima Ondo a.k.a. Souma Bon Uta so fiercely and fast. They have so much rhythm I loved it!

Afterwards Amy took Bryson and I to Zippy's in Waipahu.... dressed in our yukata... Everyone was staring at us, cause you know it's not like evryday you see three people walking around Waipahu at 11 O'Clock at night dressed in Yukata! Got the Korean Fried Chicken~! My Favorite..
Hehe off topic here.

Tonikaku, Thanks guys for always supporting me through everything!
Have a great week!

Monday, June 2, 2014


「雨が降ったら愛々傘で 浪花八景戎橋」はあの日のテーマ。神野美伽さんの浪花八景は私の頭に何度も繰り返して、そらは自分の世界.
時に皆が大きな「いいいいぇええええ~!」をさけんで!私の家はワイアナエじゃない — それはいとこブライソンさんの井家です。時々ね、ビジトをしますが、ただブライソンさんのおばあちゃんは美味しいポルトガル食べ物を上手に作ります。あの日私はポルトガルズビーンスプを食べましたけどオレはベジタリアンです。ふふふふ、ダメですよね~~~ 

今も思いは変わらない、日本の天気はどうですか?私は本当に戻りたい、もう一度 浅草、原宿、富士山、品川、大台場もぜったい逢いたい~!たぶん、今年家族と一緒に東京にいきます、買い物のためです!もうすぐ、もうすぐ!!ふふふふふ!