Saturday, August 2, 2014

2014 Waipahu Soto Taiyoji Mission Bon Dance DAY I

Dear Team Torao,

       Tonight was the first night of Waipahu Soto Taiyoji Mission's Bon Dance and it went nicely but not as

planned. Everything from the dancing to the great food went awesomely. We got to the Bon Dance about 1 hour late because we had to drive from Palama to Waipahu, so that drive is about a 1 and a half drive. Well for me it is, cause currently I'm learning how to drive so I'm too scared to drive on the freeway so we drive the long Airport way.
      Like I was saying we arrived an hour late but didn't go on until 9:15ish. I got to sing Hitomi no Shinseki Ondo, and Heisei Ondo. The night before that during practice I had brought in the updated KEY to Kawachi Otoko Bushi so that Amy and I could sing it correctly while we were there. Apparently the sound man must have mixed up the songs cause he played my key from 3 years ago which was +4 keys higher than ours, so we both strained at the ending notes where we  sing "Kawachiiii~~~~~~~~" So tomorrow night we're making sure we have the correct keys prepared, we're bringing a backup.

     Hope you all are having a great week as well. I'll be heading off to Japan again on August 8 - 14. I cannot release the reason yet, but know it's something pretty cool.


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