Thursday, August 28, 2014

Day I in Japan 2014 TV Asahi Appearance

Dear Team Torao,

So since it has officially aired on TV Asahi in Japan I can finally publicly announce the reason for my recent trip to Japan. Heres a hint "Ha enya kora se no Dokoi se~" I think the young kids might be able to get that reference; I was on a TV show called "Kanjani no Shiwake" with the boy group Kanaji 8 who is apparently is a really big pop group from Japan.

This is the definition from Wikipedia - "Kanjani Eight (関ジャニ∞(エイト) Kanjani Eito?, stylized as Kanjani∞) is a seven-member Japanese boy band from Japan's Kansai region. They are managed by the multimedia talent agency, Johnny & Associates, and signed to Imperial Records. The group was formed in 2002 and made their CD debut in 2004 as "Johnny's modernenka group", though after the year 2006, their sound and style has become a mix of pop and rock. Like the rest of the acts managed under Johnny & Associates, Kanjani Eight also perform in various other areas of the Japanese entertainment industry such as variety show hosting, television, movie, and stage acting, and radio talk show hosting." 

It was a super fun experience. There is so much to talk about so each post will be about an individual day through out my 6 day journey through out Tokyo and the Kanaji no Shiwake TV show.


My flight in Hawaii was delayed due to the hurricane that NEVER SHOWED UP. My flight was supposed
to leave at 11am but was rescheduled to leave at 3pm but they wanted all the passengers to arrive at the airport by 10am for stand by. We we're shifted in and out of a room for passengers who were leaving the plane. I felt that was very unprofessional of the airport. Ugh Hawaii I swear..

I was late for the first meeting but luckily a producer of the Kanaji no Shiwake show waited for me at the airport for almost 6 hours, I felt terrible but there really was nothing that I could do, I mean there was a hurricane for Pete's sake. He understood and everything just went by fine.

Got off the plane in Japan and had to catch a 2 hour bus from Narita Airport to Roppongi. I fell asleep and in no time we were in Roppingi. Super quick. I was starving and Katsuda (man from TV Asahi who waited for me) took me out to eat dinner at I guess is a chain Sushi restaurant called "Sushi Zanami." There are so many Sushi Zanmai in Tokyo it is crazy! Super cheap and I learned that I like this kind of Maguro (Tuna) called "Toro" which is very fatty. Darn I couldn't get enough of that.

After dinnder Katsuda showed me a little of Roppongi then it was off to bed for cause I had to be able to sing the next day at the Karaoke Saiten (Karaoke Point) battle practice with some of the staff members.

I took a long bath in my O-furo tried to hook my laptop to the wifi but didn't work. It was weird cause it worked fine for my cell so I wasn't able to call out but I was able to skype with my friends back in Hawaii.
I fell asleep and that was my first day in Japan.


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