Thursday, August 28, 2014

Day II in Japan 2014 TV Asahi Appearance

The following day after I got to Japan from Hawaii we had to work on my vocal scores on the Karaoke Machine. So basically it's called "Saiten" which is a score based on how correct you sang the song, if you kept rhythm, vocal technique, emotion etc. In actuality it's kinda complicated to do.

I was met in the lobby of my Hotel in Roppingi by one of the directors of the Kanjani no Shiwake show named Sawano, she brought me to the karaoke place next door which I must say was extremely fancy looking. Not like our tiny karaoke rooms we have in Hawaii, this place was like a 5 star hotel.

At the Karaoke room I met three other people who we're very important to my stay there in Japan. Ueda Hiroki who was the director - he was very strict but he was very kind. Yamazaki Satoshi who I called "Yama-Dono" he was in charge of the entertainment department; he was very playful and loved to laugh. Then was Mrs. Kuroki Matoko who was my translator; to be honest she was my favorite she's very quiet but she is the most sweetest person I have ever met.

We worked on many different songs from Abare Daiko by Sakamoto Fuyumi to Hakodate no Hito by Kitajima Saburo. When I first started singing my scores were actually very low; I kept getting in the low 80s. Like when I sang Abare Daiko the first time I got a 82. The director I don't think liked that too much - he left the room actually. I was so embarrassed! With Yamazaki, Sawano, and Kuroki in the room we went over some other songs and though of different ways on how to sing the song to push my score higher in the machine. Finally after many trys I was able to keep a steady score of 90 - 93. I was super happy and everyone in the room looked super happy as well.

After about 3 hours of practicing the same song "Abare Daiko" over and over again we decided to sit down and talk about the show. Everyone was content with me singing Abare Daiko by Sakamoto Fuyumi because my score was the highest for that song, then I asked who the guest was going to be for my portion on the show. I was so excited to hear that it was going to be Nakamura Mitsuko! You know I've sang her songs from when I was a child so this was going to be a great honour. They also said that she will be singing Kawachi Otoko Bushi, which is the first enka song I've ever sang in my entire life. So I asked to change my song to "Kawachi Otoko Bushi."  They told me that we'd have to get the approval from Nakamura Mitsuko. Luckily she (Nakamura Mitsuko) was delighted and said "yes," to me singing Kawachi Otoko Bushi!

So I practiced Kawachi Otoko Bushi over and over again at Karaoke for about another 4 hours, note - we were there from the morning time - by the time we got out it was night time and ready for dinner. Sawano-san asked me where I wanted to go. I've been to Book-Off in Japan and I know they always have cheap
music there, so I asked her to take me to Book-Off. The closest one was in Shibuya. Sawano happily took me to Shibuya! The book-off is so crazy! It's like 5 floors, ours in Hawaii is only a small room. I went to the Enka section and all the music was only 100yen which is about $1.00 each. I ended up buying the entire shelf. Yeah I'm kinda crazy!

After that Sawano-san asked me what kind of food I wanted to eat for dinner, Of coarse I don't know what kind of food is in Shibuya so I told her it was her choice, I don't mind. Anything is awesome! So she took me to a Okonomiyaki and Monjayaki shop. I've had Okonomiyaki before but never have I been to a restaurant where you cook the food yourself! It was so cool! I mean the waiters bring the ingredients and you just cook it! I had the Maguro with Green Onion Okonomiyaki, well actually we ended up eating about 5 different kinds of Okonomiyaki that night! The final dish that Sawano cooked for me was called "Monjayaki." I have never heard of Monjayaki in my entire life so I was kinda hesitant to try it.  There is no american dish I can say that explains what Monjayaki is but its super awesome, if you're ever in Japan make sure to try Monjayaki!

After all that we went to Baskin Robins 31 for Ice Cream and it started raining! Super fun! We crossed that large crossing in Shibuya and got to see the Hachiko Statue, we caught the train back and I went to my O-Furo and went to sleep that night! Super fun night, had to go sleep early cause the next day we had more filming to be done!

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