Thursday, August 28, 2014

Day III in Japan 2014 TV Asahi Appearance

朝が来た。Morning came and I was so nervous on what was going to happen. The day prior to this day they liked my fashion sense, which is kinda urban, alternative so they told me to dress like how would normally dress during the day. So that morning I got my snapback (hat), gangster TV shirt, drop crotch pants, hightops (shoes), and tied a plaid button shirt around my waist. I was looking super slick I thought, until I got down to the lobby. The directors apologized for telling me to dress how I wanted, not just that but now they wanted me to dress in a kimono to walk around Tokyo in, in the middle of HOT summer.

I rushed back up to my room to get my Kimono on. That wasn't the problem, but after I got back down to the lobby we had to walk like 2 blocks to catch a bus to get to Tower Records to film me shopping for Music. After everything I didn't mind it, a lot of people took my picture as I walked by; I must've looked super crazy! (笑)

We got off the bus and walked to Tower Records in the next city which wasn't too far and met up with Kuroku Motoko who was waiting for Yamazaki to arrive with their cameras. I was dripping in sweat, the heat in Japan in Summer time isn't the nicest. The Tower Records in Japan is super big, not like the small one we used to have in Pearl Ridge! Yamazaki finally arrived and we were lead to the back entrance of Tower Records where we met with a Police Officer and the publicist for Tower Records, we were given passes to film and walk around Tower Records with no trouble!

There I found a lot of music that was really cool, I didn't know that a lot of American artists actually sell CDs
there, like I found Ariana Grande, Iggy Azalea, Skrillex, etc. L
ike I could recognize the songs but the album covers were different then the ones released in America. I was also shocked that a really popular song in Japan is 'Happy' by Pharel Williams! Kuroki told me about how she tried singing "Happy" at Karaoke and couldn't. I told her "Don't worry; at least you can sing English songs - I can't sing english songs at all!" I think that cheered her up just a bit!

Next we took a cab with Sawano, Yamazaki, and Kuroki to Asakusa to film at Sensoji Temple and Youroudou (ヨーロー堂) Music shop. I was so happy to find out that some of the shop owners in Asakusa remembered who I was, so I gave them my CD: Akai Tsuki as a present! I was so happy! I got to see the Semi Bugs (cicada bugs), buy Omiyage and walk around Asakusa. I always brings back memories of when Grandma, and Amy were here exploring everything!

Yo-ro-dou was awesome as usual! The owners of the shop all remember me from 2 years ago when I sang at the Nippon Amatuer Kayosai! That always makes me feel happy! Their CD selection is awesome as usual! That has to be one of my super favorite shop in Asakusa!

After filming we went next door to You Rou Dou to Sushi Zanmai to Eat Sushi again! I can't get enough of Toro Sushi!

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