Saturday, August 30, 2014

DAY IV in Japan 2014 TV Asahi Appearance

Nakamura Mitsuko and I
(L2R) Me, Kuroki Motoko, and Sawano
Day 4 had to be the best day I ever had in Japan. That was the day of filming. I was met once again in the lobby of my hotel by Suwano from TV Asahi. While I was down there I was also able to meet another one of the contestants named Villacon. He was challenging Miyaji Osamu (宮路オサム) . Villacon was going to be singing "Anata" by Kozaka Akiko.  He has a very sweet and high voice! Reminds me of my voice at his age, If I remember correctly he's only 14 years old!

We all arrived at the TV Asahi station where I was given a huge dressing room all to myself! Normally here in Hawaii we have to share dressing rooms! This was super cool! I got a whole room to myself, where I could sing super loud and no one could hear me, I even got a TV! Little did I know that 3 doors down Nakamura Mitsuko was getting ready to challenge me!
The big time came sooner than I though, very shortly I was back stage and I could see Nakamura Mitsuko from afar. She smiled at me waved, I
could see that she was going to be super sweet. Right before we entered Nakamura Mitsuko and I had to stand next to each other while the gates opened. Her and I talked a little bit, then it was time to start. She really calmed my nerves down!

playing around with Kuroki
While I was being interviewed by the Kanjani Eight members, the entire time "I'M SITTING NEXT TO NAKAMURA MITSUKO...." was continuously going through my head! Maybe to some people they don't understand, but Nakamura Mitsuko is a huge Enka singer, I've been singing her songs from when I was really young. I sing her song 'Kawachi Otoko Bushi' every year at the Waipahu Soto Taiyoji Mission Bon Dance for pete's sake!

Then it came time for me to sing 'Kawachi Otoko Bushi,' against the original
singer Nakamura Mitsuko! I
performed with all of my energy. I wanted Nakamura Mitsuko to see me so bad, singing her song, which I've been singing from when I was really young. I got a score of 91, and Nakamura Mitsuko got a 92.
I didn't care if I won or lost, I was just so happy that I got to meet Nakamura Mitsuko! She is so awesome!

Afterwards, Kuroki-san and I went out for dinner at Tenkaippin. She even bought me me shave Ice from the Natsu Matsuri that TV Asahi was hosting! We talked for so long, we were both very sad when we had to part at the end of the night. It was a very ”絆” moment. The human connection to each other. She is a very awesome woman, and I hope that I get to see her once again when I return to Japan!

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