Friday, August 8, 2014

Hale Ikena at Fort Shafter 2014

Dear Team Torao,

    Last we was the annual Karaoke Uta Matsuri at Hale Ikena in Fort Shafter. As usual always such a nice
performance, it's great to see the other karaoke groups perform all together. Right now I'm in my room so I don't have the program with me at the moment but I think that the performance consisted of Omoshiroi, Hoshikage, Aiko Kai, and Tomo no Kai. I belong to Omoshiroi club so we always do such interesting things and try to be fun at these kinds of events.

    This year I sang a duet with Amy Katsumoto aka Utagawa Akemi called Hourouki by Seguchi Yuki, actually the original song was sung by the late enka singer Murakami Sachiko. The meaning is very beautiful and I'm glad Amy and got to practice the harmonies are the chorus of
the song, I think harmony in songs sound beautiful and I wish I could quire the technique that Amy has.

    I got to sing my original song "Akai Tsuki," I was very happy that everyone enjoyed it. I got a lot of compliments on how strong and powerful my song was. Unfortunately Testuji (the man in charge of the music) cut my ending before I got to do my final dramatic pose, but late that
day I got to pose in the hallway.

    Carolyn Shimamura was also there and she sang a beautiful cover of Takahashi Mariko's meikyoku "For You." I feel like that song really matched her singing technique and style. Oh, in case you live under a rock and didn't know who Carolyn was - she is this year's (2014) Kzoo Radio's Karaoke Taikai Grand Champion. She is super sweet and always down to earth. I'm so glad that I know who she is! You can keep up with her by follwoing her on instagram at @carolyn_miki

    Hope everyone is having a great week, Love you guys and will talk to you soon.

Torao <3

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