Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Savers Halloween Hawaii

Dear Team Torao,

Amy Katsumoto and I
So Halloween is coming up soon and I really cannot wait. I don't think you guys really know how much I love Halloween. Halloween has so be my favorite holiday all of the year. I remember last year I planned my costume 2 months in advance. Last year Bryson and I was two police officers and I thought that was super awesome. This year  I'm still debating what we're gonna be. Bryson and I planed on being two Princes this year. 

Bryson and I last year.
Last year we bought all our costumes supplies from Savers in Waipahu. The for the police outfits we bought gloves, our hats, our badges, our boots all from savers and I think it only came up to $20 each so that was a super great price considering this year.

Bryson and I looked on Amazon this year and it's almost $100 for our costumes, so Amy Katsumoto (my godmother) and I went to Savers in Kalihi to look for a cheaper costume. The princes costumes there we're as nice as I thought they were going to be. So we decided to look around the rest of the store. 

I found a whole bunch of really cute stuff. Well I found a kings crown and I was thinking about just buying so I can walk around my house in my underwear. My godmother found a gypsy hat and I told her to buy it just so that she can walk around her house and weird out her husband. 

So this year I still have no idea what I'm going to do. Well actually I totally went off topic on what I wanted to talk about. Savers in Kalihi was my main focus - this is why I can't be a journalist I'd make everything super personal. Kalihi Savers has some really cute things for Halloween. Well actually it's more of Odds and Ends - not really full length put together costumes.

For example: they have many wigs, skirts, pieces of costumes. If I were to try and explain it Halloween supplies at Savers is more of a À la carte selection. Not quite the main entree. The organization of the store though tries to make it not so much of bundled mess of costume supplies. Like where the 'wings' are - there would be puffy skirts, magical wands, sparkly hats, and where the pirate hats are there would be things like swards, hook hands, etc. you know the things that you would need to be a pirate. 

I think that's how Savers gets it's money from costume sells, cause it's nothing used - all of the Halloween supplies are brand new! I think it costs more for you to buy each part separate that's bad for the customer but in a sense great for Savers, that's an excellent strategy. 

SO end of story I was unable to find my Halloween costume at Savers in Kalihi.  Would recommend though. Hope to you see your Halloween pics! Send some to me or tag me on instagram @hikariyama_torao http://instagram.com/hikariyama_torao


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Interview with Kyoko Sano on Kzoo Radio

Dear Team Torao,

So the other day I had an interview on Kzoo Radio am1210 with the lovely Ms. Kyoko Sano. I was so excited, I havn't been on Kzoo in such a while, and since I came back from Japan I've had such reviews from the TV Asahi appearance from the people who I meet in Waikiki and even people from Hawaii. I am so thankful to TV Asahi and Kanjani 8 for helping me, and allowing me to perform on their Kanjani no Shiwake TV Show!

So this interview went very well. We talked about my experiences from TV Asahi such as meeting Nakamura Mitsuko for the first time, meeting Kanjani 8, rehearsing the days prior to the recording etc. It was a very fun interview.

One thing that has been really awesome - since Japan, I have gained a small but really supportive following here in Hawaii and on Japan through social media. Social Media has been super helpful with me connecting with fans and getting a one on one personal connection with them.

For instance, on twitter I've had a bunch of people send me pictures of them watching me on TV in Japan, some even wrote me really nice letters. Through instagram I've gotten a few hundred followers and everyone is always so supportive on there. Facebook also had a great impact after doing the TV show with Kanajani.

Always in my heart the Spirit of Japan;