Sunday, October 26, 2014

5 days of rest

Had almost a whole week of rest. Ive been feeling so inspired recently.
Hope everyone else is feeling awesome as well.
Saw this lizard on my Cactus this morning and the first thing I thought of was my blog readers! I Love you guys so much.

OOTD (Outfit of The Day) 10/25/2014

Got my outfit ready for tomorrow.
My top is from Aeropostle got on sale for $4.99!
Pants are dropp crotch pants from amazon for $15! Super cute! The nerd glasses from Icing at Pearl Ridge. Its really hard to find frames that fit my face shape.

I watched a Michelle Phan video on YouTube on how to match glasses to certain face shapes but my face is different everyday. Sometimes its round, sometimes its long, ans sometimes its heart shaped, so its kinda hard!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Times Waipahu, Halloween Selection.

Team Torao,

   I've official given up on what I'm going to be for halloween this year. Right now money is kinda tight and I don't feel like buying a $125 outfit, that's just out of the question right now. So I think I'll just do what I do ever year and just wear a kimono out. Maybe even do something simple like dress as Lana Del Rey this year. (Warau)'

   Anyway - that's not what this post is about. I feel really in the mood for Halloween this year. I want to carve pumpkins, go trick-o-treating, and just dress up in autumn wear. It's actually kinda hard to dress for autumn in Hawaii without getting some mild form of heat stroke. I can never feel like a hipster while I'm here in Hawaii. It's always summer! Tonight I caught the bus in a tank top for pete's sake.

  Times Super Market in Waipahu has go to be the cutest decorated store I've seen s far this year. (Excluding Halloween stores like Spencers, or Spirit) They have cotton cobwebs all over, fake ghosts etc! The whole front of the store is the bakery and everything is just covered in Orange! They made the most cutest cookies I've seen in person!

  The cookies of little houses with ghosts coming out were so adorable! They even had little pumpkins! There was so much there! They seem most in the spirit especially because they make everything themselves, unlike Walmart where they just unbox items and hang them around the store.

If you are in Waipahu make sure to check out Times near the Waipahu Transit center if you're looking for hand made fresh Halloween Cookies!
I just can't get over how adorable they are!


Monday, October 13, 2014

Just a normal day.

Dear Team Torao,

Im just testing out this blog function on my phone. If it works, posting on my blog will be super easy except I dont have autocorrect.

Al day Ive been falling asleep on the buses listening to Pandora. Its funny, everytime I listen to Pandora at work the time flys so quickly.

Anyways, Thanka everyone for always being awesome! Hope to see some familiar faces at the Shimizu Voice recital towards the end of this month!