Saturday, November 15, 2014

JCCH Aki Matsuri Emceeing

So this past weekend I was an Emcee for the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii's Aki Matsuri. Since when do I emcee? I have no idea how to emcee nicely, I felt so bad - the last time I emceed I was 14 and it was HORRIBLE! Of coarse I was super terrified my life was just flashing right in front of me. I know English, I know Japanese there should be no problem with this. Well... As soon as it came time to talk all of a sudden; my knowledge of reading left my brain and I was standing in front of everyone not being able to read anything...

I guess eventually I was able to get over it cause then it turned into me talking waaay to much. I don't know, maybe I'm just over thinking things. But I can be sure at one part it was quite horrid. Instead of saying "Waimanalo Lemonade" I said "Watafalo Leemontade..." yeah.. it was that bad.

Other than the emceeing I got to see a whole bunch of face I haven't seen in a while, like my friend Shasta! She is a beautiful photographer and I'm happy she snapped some nice pics of me in one of my kimonos I had bought in Japan my second time.

Thanks JCCH for allowing me to emcee at the Aki Matsuri, and sorry that I couldn't have done better!!! Kokoro kara Gomennasai~!

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