Thursday, November 6, 2014

Under the H-1 Freeway in Waipahu (Hawaii)

Have you ever just had one of those days where you wanted to do something but ended up doing something a lot better? Well that's how today was. My Boss told me I could stay home today so I of coarse slept until 1 in the afternoon. I had a very lazy and was content on keeping it a lazy day until I got on the scale...

that's when I knew it was time for me to get back on my diet. So on my little Chalk board on my door of short term goals I have my rules written about what to stay away from.Ex. Sugars, Sodas, Candy etc. you know all those bad things.

After finishing my laundry my friend Elena and I wanted to go jogging. My plan was to jog from Honowai elm. school to Waipahu high school - which would've been a 5 mile jog. I was excited.
Once we started we were on a non-stop 'go' from Honowai until we got to the Waipahu Soto Taiyoji Mission. There is a long road to the left called "Waikele Rd." I've only been there once with Amy Katsumoto along time ago when we were killing time.

In the distance you can see the H-1 freeway and I always wanted to go underneath there freeway. Elena told me about when she was younger they went looking up there for an old abandoned house that was burnt down and had a whole collection of dolls there. They never found it, but they were scared of the homeless people who lived there.

Well you get to this place I think it's called "Pilimai st." where it turns into a PRIVATE road. We were kinda scared to enter the place cause we really weren't supposed to be playing under a Freeway over pass. Once we got to the opening which was an open field we met with two white bikers who weren't from here just looking around the island. They were telling us about the nice homeless people who live in the gulch.  

We were greeted by a army of mosquitoes and me being really white didn't help - they bit me all up.
The graffiti in there was nice kinda scary in a way. We found wagons, old sewing machines, etc. It was like a whole different sub-world right below the city. I was so intrigued by the atmosphere, I could easily see why people would come down here to hang out.

We got to a place where a cat was sitting in the middle of the walk way, in the distance you could hear the sounds of birds. We asked the cat if we could go around him, and surprising it meowed at us not moving. Two other cats came walking down the dirt path and started walking towards us. The sensation was surreal. It really was like being in a whole new world.

A homeless man came towards us, I was super scared and I'm pretty sure Elena was scared as well. Think of it like this 'if one of us got hurt, how would we explain our location to the police or people who came to help?' 'Would we leave the other there while we ran for help?' That would be kinda scary so yeah the man did kinda freak us out. Until he started talking to us about being safe while hiking cause some of the rocks are falling, and how he raised 4 generations of dogs in the forest.

Out came more cats and two puppies running out from his cabin in the woods. He was very peaceful, we was actually cleaning up some of the twigs and branches that were on the ground. While we were leaving a Ash colored cat followed us out of the forest. We didn't know what to do, so we took it home with us. The cat was so freaked out by the sound of cars it would scratch and freak out.

Eventually we brought it to Elena's house - her father said that she couldn't keep it. My grandmother was okay with taking it but the responsibility of taking care of a Cat while I'm at work would be too much. So she drove us back to the spot in the forest where we found "Ash" out cat. He didn't want to go at first but after we opened a can of food for him he stayed with the food.

I will never forget you Ash, and I will never forget this wonderful adventure I had today with my friend Elena. Hopefully I can do it again soon!

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