Sunday, December 21, 2014

Agartha - I may believe this.

Good evening Team Torao,

  Well I find that when I'm up late at night (right now it's 1:20am) my mind starts to wonder all over the place. So much that sometimes I find my mind roaming around the hallows of earth in Agartha.
Yeah it sounds strange but I don't know, just the idea of earth being hallow and super natural beings residing inside just fascinates me.

"Alexandre Saint-Yves d'Alveydre published the first "reliable" account of Agartha in Europe.[4] According to him, the secret world of "Agartha" and all of its wisdom and wealth... Saint-Yves gives a lively description of "Agartha" in this book as if it were a place which really exists, situated in the Himalayas in Tibet. Saint-Yves' version of the history of "Agartha" is based upon "revealed" information, meaning received by Saint-Yves himself through "attunement."
The explorer Ferdynand Ossendowski wrote a book in 1922 titled Beasts, Men and Gods. In the book, Ossendowski tells of a story which was imparted to him concerning a subterranean kingdom which exists inside the earth. This kingdom was known to the Buddhists as Agharti.[5]  
       - Wikipedia

  You know all of those stories you hear as a child or growing up like BigFoot, Fairies, Forest Imps, etc. When I was growing up my grandmother would tell me that they lived under the earth; that is why we cannot find them when looking, they need to find us.

     I know there is no actual locations of entrances to Agartha but I would love to stumble upon one and fall into a different world. I would love to be a part of a humanity. I have lost faith in this humanity we currently live in with; violence, hate, sadness, pain and anger. It would be nice to find peace in a sub-world where everything would be peaceful and the people there would be advanced and not need elementary things like politics, religion, greed, hate, or misery to get by. Everyone would know how to live in harmony.

   I hope that day comes, the day I find Agartha. If I ever find a sub-world where everyone is peaceful and reasonable I will take the ones that love me and never come back to this world ever again. Some days I just wanna run away from it all. One day I will run away and no one will ever find me. To Agartha.



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  1. Torao,
    If people keep bombing and destroying the Earth..The underground Kingdoms will raise to the surface..
    ~A Believer I am