Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Cheered up.

I have been working for a company (who will remain name-less) for about 6 months now, and my Boss has been the biggest witch in the entire world. I swear she is the child of Satan himself.

I dont have a car of my own, heck I dont even have a drivers license. So when she leaft for the mainland with Bryson and I in charge I didnt realize that we'd have to be picking up dry ice from Air Gas in Kalihi... 40 pounds.. on the bus. First of all I gotta catch a bus 3 hours before I even start from Waipahu to China Town. So Id have to get off in between  in Kalihi and then carry the 40 pounds of dry ice on the bus ans then walk 4 blocks with it to the shoppe on Smith Street. Apprently she thought this was reasonable. She needs to get some nuts in her head checked.

Anyways, today she just had to push me off the deep end so I decided to give up my keys and never show my face there ever again. I dont want nothing to do with this lady anymore or anything to do with her company. This month of December has been nothing but let downs, Im broke, I have no job, family problems (my biological mother when crazy), christmas and to top it all off i gained 10 pounds.. So this month just was not in my favor.

Amy Katsumoto ( my godmother) took me to her line dancing class that she does ever week. Honestly I always thought it was gonna be a whole bunch of sticks in the mud, well come to find out they are actually the most awesomest group of people on Oahu! athey were so sweet! Found out Im horrible at Line Dancing... ( thats another story)

After the line dancing we all went to a Chinese Restaraunt called "Maile" in Mililani. I had the Sum Sing which had Char Siu, Roast Chicken and Roast duck on Rice. I Love Roast duck, I eat it at ever Chinese Restaraunt. After we went shopping at Ross's and Amy treated me. Shes so awesome!

Turned in 3 applications today. My 2015 I hope consists of better luck, a new job, more friends, weight loss, better singing abilities, and more oppurtunities. I need to stop rushing to do things without thinking. I no longer going to do anything that does not benifit me.

Thanks Team Torao for always listening to my bantering always. Love you always.


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