Wednesday, December 10, 2014

When you walk Alone.

Today after work I walked around downtown Honolulu for abou an hour and for the first time I ate at a restaraunt by myself.

When you walk alone, you find a sort of mind set a lot different than if you were to go with friends.

Its quite libarating when you ask you things outloud at restaraunts, when you run for bus looking crazy and not caring what others think, or even taking pictures of buildings without feeling judged by everyone around.

You find some people are super nice, you hear workers talking bad about customers, people who are super polite, and people who are the most rude and bitter people. Then you realize there are times when we ourselves become those people sometimes.
There are times when we hold doors open for people, there are also times when we gossip, we are very polite creatures, and there are times when we are the ugliest. In the end we find we are all Human.

Life goes on, and Im starting to understand that little bit more and more everyday.
When you walk alone you find peace.

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