Saturday, January 17, 2015

Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai`i's Ohana Festival 2015

"New Year’s ‘Ohana Festival

Ring in the New Year with the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai‘i! Next year’s event will be held on Sunday, January 11, 2015. The New Year’s ‘Ohana Festival provides fun, food, and culture for the entire family. The event brings the community to the Cultural Center and neighboring Mō‘ili‘ili Field for a festival filled with Japanese and multicultural customs."

Here we go again. Remember me talking about how I've been having the most horrible luck of 2014..? Well I guess it carried on to 2015. The night before the event I had to emcee I was up all night panicking because of an ugly pimple on my lip that just wouldn't go away.

The mixture of nerves, embarrassment, and fatigue filled my mind and when it came to opening up the event my hands began to sweat and my body began to shake. Words were coming out so fast it turned to gibberish.

I told Greg (the man in charge of music) to play music very softly while I talk, I guess that had calmed me down a bit. I was so glad I finally calmed down. Oh well.

They had a things Japanese sale there and I had bought records for like $0.25 and the singles were only $0.10 so that kinda calmed me down.

This young girl who wasn't actually in the program there was so cute, after seeing her she calmed me down. She was ready to take pictures and had such a cute aura about her.  I promised her mom that I would post the picture up on my blog, and I feel so bad that I'm only getting it up now 6 days later.

I've been in and out of the hospital due to my fever. Right now I have a fever of 102.0 so I've been sleeping. So apology to that little girl and her mom for taking so long.

Hopefully I can get this year to be better! ughh...

Friday, January 2, 2015

Izumo Taisha 2015

Happy new year Team Torao!

I hope this year I will be filled with many blessings. For myself personally last year had some very great points but it was also full of many let downs and bridges to burn. So 2014 wasnt really great year for myself.

So much that today Amy and I went to the Izumo Taisha to get blessed and buy omamori for this year. Im not a very godly person so when it comes down to this I'm getting very desparate. I bought my Omamori for good luck cause that is what I really need for this 2015 year.

I still dont have a job, but some money has been slowly coming in. Ive also been cleaning out my closets trying to make better for myself. I want everyone happy, but the most important is I want my own happiness. I have so much to work on and a whole bunch more projects to come in 2015. Im pretty sure I can do them, just need a lot of hard work! Here I come 2015! I will NOT BREAK!!

Thank you Team Torao for always being great support when I need it. Love you guys

- Torao