Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sing Cheong Yuan Bakery China Town Hawai`i

If you ever walked along the side streets of China Town in the heart of Downtown Honolulu you will find a number of stores selling many things, from flowers, toys, movies, foods, and even live frogs and catfish. But on 1027 Maunakea street there is a big red sign with golden letters reading "Sing Cheong Yuan Bakery." Ask me to actually try and say that out loud. ( haha ) I knew about this place because of my ex-boss, she would take me here to eat sometimes. They specialize in Chinese / Asian Dim Sum all for every low prices. The most expensive item I saw in that store was about $4.95.

In the store you will find an array of Chinese Dim Sum and treats for every walk of life. They've got almost anything you can think of. From the outside of the shoppe you can see a broad selection without even entering the store. Not to mention that everything they make is hand made.

Bryson and I wanted to try a little bit of everything, so we bough a bunch of small items to check it out. We bought Manapua, Pork Hash, Banana Roll, Half Moon Cake, and Rice Cake and all of that together was under $5. So I must admit that it was a great deal.

The Manapua was nice, I loved how it didn't have the piece of paper at the bottom like how most stores make them. Usually if the paper were at the bottom of the Manapua it;ll rip off small pieces of bread, so Sing Cheong Yuan got a big plus for me with that. The bread was nice and firm, I felt that it had the perfect texture; it wasn't too soft and mushy and it wasn't too hard. The Beef inside was nicely seasoned, again it tasted better than most places because it wasn't too sweet like how most Manapua are. 

Next I tried the Banana Roll, which is something that I wasn't too familiar with. I actually have never heard of such a thing. To be honest it was one of my number one favorite things that I had tried that day. The Banana roll was soft like mochi and sweet. Inside the roll was Banana, and the inside had a different texture than the outside. The outside of the roll was soft and kinda powdery like mochi but the inside was more of a flaky feel that was unexpected. None the less this was my favorite item from there. 

Continued with the Half Moon Cake, this was the most flavorful of all the things we had bought that day. This Half Moon Cake look a lot firmer when we bought it, when I picked it up out of the bag I found that it was very limp and kinda delicate. You could see the kinda of effort and care this bakery puts into making their food, they need more recognition. The inside had shrimp, fish, cilantro, and an assortment of vegetables. The outer 'noodle' was plain, and matched the very flavorful inside nicely. It was very well balanced. 

And lastly, who from Hawai`i goes to China Town and doesn't some pork hash. This had to be the best Pork Hash I've had ever. Normally I would buy them from the Manapua truck when I was a child but this was different. This was seasoned perfectly, it wasn't over cooked, the noodle had an awesome flavor, and everything in this Pork Hash was perfect. When you bit into it, the pork would ooze juices and it was very packed with meat as well, they weren't stingy.

So the next time you're in China Town make sure to check out Sing Cheong Yuan Bakery on 1027 Maunakea street, and make sure to try one of the sesame black sugar balls they're also pretty bomb. 

Saturday, February 7, 2015