Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Kipapa Gulch. アドベンチャー最高!

After leaving my job, I have done officially nothing but stay home. So getting out of the house to go anywhere is an awesome idea to me, even if that means hanging out under the H-2 freeway in another world. If for some reason you have been keeping up with my blog you would know about my last trip to this beautiful (in the eye of the beholder) place that I love to hang out with my friends.

This week I was there twice already, once with my friend Maria and another time with my friend Elena. With Maria, whom I was with the first time we wondered off trail to some kind of river. There we found tiny little tadpoles swinging around and very tiny frogs. So adorable.

These frogs where so cute, and smaller than a centimeter I believe. The second day with Elena we decided to venture off to the Canal slide that is visible from the H-2 freeway.

I had to find that on google maps because I didn't know the name of it. I did some research and no matter where I looked I could not find what the name of this concrete slide was. To get to the slide you must climb through a forest of 6ft high california grass, Elena and I did not have a machete but only a tiny pocket knife to cut through the thick bushes.

In this picture you can see Elena in the back with her tiny knife trying to cut down the 6ft tall California Grass. We have those masks on because of mosquito's, we didn't want to have our faces bit. Hehe Eventually we got to the concrete slide which I might add is at a almost 90 degree angel. It was so hard to photograph the depth of the angel, I couldn't you would just have to be there to experience the great height and slope of the angel.

The graffiti there was also really bright, I don't think anyone has been there in a while. So it kinda threw me off.

After visiting the great slide we decided to sneak onto a private road so that we could eat our lunch. Elena had bought be lunch especially for this hiking trip. She had gotten me a spicy ahi Temaki roll from Don Quijote. We a nice break after all that hiking. While walking on the private road heading Mauka (towards the mountain) we found a nice shady area where we could sit down and eat out lunch. It was on a long rock wall in the middle of  a forest. Elena and I could just talk for hours we are such the best of friends that we ended up making an hour break. Looking down from the rock wall we saw that we were maybe 10 - 20 feet on a cliff where at the bottom we saw a river flowing through. After our lunch we managed to climb down the cliff nearly falling many times to find that there were ducks. 

We could see that this river would continue for a while, we decided to walk as far as we could down the river and hopefully we would find the end. I was actually expecting to find some kind of waterfall at the end. 

There we so many bees there and Elena is so terrified of them at some points during the journey I ahd to hold her hand to many her walk, other wise she would just turn around. We were walking for about a good 45 minutes and we found many cool things along the way. We found a whole bunch of old car parts from the 1930s and old light poles that had fallen down and just become a part of the forest. In the water you could see a whole bunch of tadpoles , fish, and other wildlife. Like there was the Hawaiian suction cup fish called an O`opu (Stenogobius hawaiiensis) and little shrimps in the water that I knew of when I was a child and we called them Opai. We tried to catch them but they were so fast. 

The sounds around us were really weird but awesome at the same time, like there was so many different bird calls that I have never heard of in my entire life. It was like stepping into National Geographic for just a little bit. We kept following the river upwards and there were so many point during the trip where the only way to walk more up was to walk through the water. I was so thankful that Elena and I were wearing jeans on this journey.

Finally we got to a point where we could walk no more because of bushes and branches were in the way and we could not go any further. Looking into the bushes you could see that the river turned into a swamp or marsh. So it's not like we could go any further. For about 30 mins we sat there trying to catch more shrimp but we were unsuccessful. Leaving the 20 ft ditch and climbing upwards to the road, we realized that we actually didn't go that far. Maybe about 100 feet. 

On the private road we found a whole bunch of old farm houses that were now abandoned, covered in graffiti and over grown plants. Walking back to the exit which in the middle of the forest Elena and I complained about how sad it was to be returning to the human world. If only I could be an animal who could live her forever. Or you don't know how badly I would want a house here in the middle of the forest that had electricity, pluming, and good wifi! If one day I were to ever go missing please check her first calling the police.

There were so many things I wish that I could have talked about on this trip, but I couldn't get any pictures! There in Waikele Stream there was even Nishiki Koi swiming, and they were too far to capture! One day I will take you folks with me to hang out.

Till them, Love you Team Torao!

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